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  1. i will keep putting E5 in my lawnmowers then
  2. and it looks like the other bob isn't saying too much either
  3. and keep the front wheel down
  4. you guys and take it easy
  5. now that has just earned you a month of cold dinners
  6. great stuff and s
  7. have a good one
  8. there is no substitute for writing things down
  9. it seems there are more tattooed women than there are men these days, i reckon when the craze goes away the lazer clinics are going to clean up
  10. i once went to have a look at an xj550 that was for sale and it looked ok but when the guy started and reved it the motor made a whooping noise so i left it where it was
  11. who remembers the no frills beans in the black & white paper
  12. Hi rae have a good day and
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