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  1. i bet he only makes it to the next bend before he has to rest his arms for half an hour (just not practical and neither are those silencers )
  2. enjoy your day and dont get wet out there
  3. yep it could be better than courage beer you need courage to drink it
  4. when you buy a new bike you expect it to be right and not have to go out spending more money to get it right you didnt have to do that twenty years ago stuff has got too complicated
  5. yes i once came off riding over the horse tram lines down douglas front i have neve come off a bike as quick
  6. does he mean keyboard
  7. it's ok if you have a bus service worth talking about ours is crap
  8. and guess what it's friday night pour yourself a drink
  9. i never use face ache type sites i go on forums
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