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Air Ambulance Rideout 20th July


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Hi all.

I hope i'm not treading on toes here but its all in a good cause. Iam organising a rideout with the help of Thunder Road motorcyles and http://www.welshbikers.org ,for the Wales Air Ambulance.

It will leave the bike shop on 20th July and cover approximatly 150 miles, the cost is £5 as a minimum donation per bike.

When we get back I have secured a large pub close by and they are providing a BBQ. Iam also trying to get a comedian and a band or two for entertainment. If there is anyone on here who knows of a band that may cover the event then please let me know. Obviously costs need to be kept down, but I'm sure we would be able to cover petrol and maybe chuck in a crate of beer or two.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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Thanks for trying Vicki, but obviously its a weekly bath day or summat.


Just to update anyway. We have booked a band for the early evening.


Weather permitting they are going to do a 2 hour outdoor set. I am waiting for my local radio station to get back to me as they said they may provide a DJ for the later evening, or we'll just book one.

Thunder Road motorcycles have donated some great raffle prizes.

The cops are coming to promote the 'bike safe' scheme, and have promised not to book anyone for loud cans and small plate (relief).

Plus we have enlisted a publicity company to organise air time on the radio stations, articles in news papers and and maybe a slot on TV...........a little cameo role in the Queen Vic or the Rovers would be nice.......(NOT)!

So its getting bigger and bigger by the minute. We have a load of peeps off our 'Welsh' website going out on weekends handing out flyers and the interest seems to be picking up.

Maybe we'll see some of you there ???????? :wave:

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:lol: :lol: if Wolfie going think I might go to--work dependent :roll: [might have to cover for a wedding]--so possible/maybe/sorta hopeful-ish

--might even bring some special sausages :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Well..........the amount of crap i had from the othe 'biker' site pulling out, and then the shop themselves (not thier fault).

The day was a great success......about 60 bikes turned up and i had to lead them all out onto the M4, The sight in my mirrors was something i wont forget.......ever.

We had a good ride through some of the best roads in Wales, yes we all got split up a bit, but that was down to different paces, and its expected......

After the ride i two bands booked in a pub. Bikes were put to bed and the evening comenced........and what an evening.

Meeting people who you have only spoken to online, but having an awesome time together. The second band were something else, the place was rocking !!! (go look Orangefall)......

Great to meet new people, who are now friends, and will do again. Plus £500 raised.............

Next year WILL be bigger.....................There were alot of English down for this, perhaps next year we can get a few more, you will get a good welcome............:)

Im well chuffed the way it went..............

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