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  1. My thoughts are with his friends and family, such a sad loss.
  2. Mine is a 2003 model and now has 40k on the clock Handles indecently well for a big tourer and munches up the miles Did a two up, 9 country in 17 day tour in 2012,racking up 3650 miles. Never missed a beat. If anyone knows my partner, we do not travel light either. Would I buy another........No, because I have no intention of selling mine. Even thought the new one is £1500 cheaper than the outgoing model, I would still need to find another £10k to change and cannot see the point. I have a top box and panniers, heated grips, radiator protector, fender extender and a baglux tankbag system, all fitted by the original owner who racked up a staggering 14k in five years. The only downside is making sure the driveshaft and suspension linkage are regularly greased as a failure of the latter can have you in the ditch. The old girl is rock steady up to 130 two up and ready to tour.(allegedly!!) If you are in the market for a tourer, well worth considering.[album]46[/album]
  3. I am going to find a local Travelodge / b and b
  4. Lynne and I will be in attendance but not camping.
  5. My latest album is by Public Service Broadcasting........the previous one was making waves by Focus.
  6. 3675 miles....17 days..... 9 countries.......end of!
  7. Hello Phil, sounds like life could be a whole lot worse.
  8. Any luck yet Nige, until recently your son had a fine collection of sheds to choose from.
  9. Absolute classic......would make a great sit com.
  10. Gonna have to be a no this time I am afraid ...........myself and my significant other will be on the way back from Italy on the bike. Part of our six country Euro trip!
  11. Just put in my two pennorth, mailnly becuase that is all I can afford...lol I have lived in this country all my life and have had good times and bad times....being of the middle class persuasion I own my own house.....except I have an endowment motgage with a £35k shortfall. I have put my daughter through Uni and pay all my taxes, NI. I also insure and use three totally legal motor vehicles. However, because I made the mistake of working for an insurance broker who only bothered about lining their own pockets, I lost all my savings back in the mid nineties. Since then I have lived hand to mouth by having two jobs. Having said that. there are always opportunities to better oneself in this country if you try hard. I have lost the will to do just that becuase my wife is in a full time nursing home and if I work my nuts off, I will then get some savings back and as soon as I do, I can pay my wife's fees of £437 A WEEK. Good incentive huh. So yes, the benefit system rewards me because of my wife's illness. By the time she dies, I will be over 60 and probably on the scrap heap......... Do I care? Do I fu*k! Because as one of the earlier postees says, I can go and live in Africa, where it will nice and sunny and i can live out the rest of my life on £125. Worryeth not and put your trust in the Lord. (Sugar that is 'cause he can give me his heating allowance)
  12. Drew?............Good lord there is a blast from the past.
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