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'02' r1 cutting out

Guest mightymuncher1

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any ideas in this one then ppl?

Cold start bike is fine, engine runs upto 60-70deg then starts to get a little lumpy, this get progressivly worse as it reaches upto 100-1004deg, as the fan kicks in the bike gets so lumpy it cuts out with in a minute.The bike will start again whilst hot but revs must be maintained to keep it running.

Cold tickover 1k-2k

I have tried increasing tick over but in order for it to work i have to take it to around 3-4k to keep it running when hot.

I have stripped out airbox which was clear.

all plug coils are in place.

Exup valve has been stripped down and clearly works as you rev bike up past 3k it starts to open.

Battery whilst running produces 14.5+v

so what say ye any ideas?? hellllllpppppp please

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


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:scratch: as battery kicks out volts not the reg/rectifier gizmo--but seems like an electrical fault --plugs ok ?? and HT leads ??-plenty of coolant I would think--- oil level ok ?

mmmmm I would go on a plug breakdown --- :?

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Just trawled thru a dutch forum and found a post with the same problem as you had, he was told to loosen the ic unit and give it a little shake while the engine was running. It cut out, he had loose connection. Another guy says its the fault of the TPS but I've no idea what that is. Good luck, hate to see someone off the road

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hmmm now to find the TPS? WONDER WHERE THAT COULD BE?


on the throttle linkage at one end of the throttle bodies :)

i cant see it been that they either work or dont :?

has it been laid up for the winter ?

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well after looking at this again ---mmmmm not good--a design fault

"Dun worry, it's true about TPS problems. Was told of riders crashing 'cos the sensor doesn't work! IF the riders survive the crash, they come back and complain about the TPS.

Sad to say, that's one component that you have to monitor all the time"

IF this is the problem then the TPS may need replacement---but from what I can gather it is a symptom of a problem with that bike---solution --get shot asap :( apparently they continue to need replacing -- there is even mention of new ECU :(

Could spray GT85 or WD40 onto terminals and check hold screws not come loose

http://www.sportbikes.net/forums/fz6/73 ... talls.html

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well its running now yippeee!!!! cable on throttle needed replacing as it was sticking and fuelling it up too much :oops: ,hence running lumpy, Next problem now

Me clocks have no display but leds work ie. neutra light,flashers,beam light. Any1 no a breakers around?

an exceedingly pissd off rider :P

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weird this, if i leave me bike overnight then start her up, all parts of me clocks come on as they should rev counter etc all working, after a minute or so i loose the lcd which would show speedo,miles and also the rev counter which isnt lcd stops working too but the LEDS for the lights etc still work. Broke clocks or knackered ECU what ya reckon? The bike runs fine.

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