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right, just got back to not so sunny england a couple of days ago, got a call today to tell me my new ped will be ready on tuesday :D problem ive got is the place im staying has no shed/store/garage and as much as ive pleaded, its not going in the living room even though i think it would make a vast improvement :wink: im looking to grab a outdoor cover until i can either rent a garage or build a shed or blackmail the person im staying with :lol:

baring in mind this is going to be my new baby, can anyone recommend anything that doesnt have the words cheap in it, im not having all my hard earned dissolved to rust to save a few quid. probably an online store would be the quickest way to go.

thanks in advance

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Oxford Aquatex Bike Cover

or the slighty more expensive...

Oxford Stormex Bike Cover

currently have the stormex bike cover.. can't rate it enough.

its got a soft coat on the inside so it gives a bit of paintwork protection, rather than just the plastic ones (Aquatex f.e).

The outside is a tough material, again not like the pasticy ones.

Its ventilated to stop condensation.

It has holes specifically cut to allow the use of a chain lock.

RRP is aroud £60, but I got mine for £40 on Fleabay

edit: linkage...

Aquatex: http://www.bikermart.co.uk/endpoint.asp?id=OF926XL

Stormex: http://www.bikermart.co.uk/endpoint.asp?id=OF140

hope this hleps a bit :)

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You back in Blighty for good then Gaz, or riding your bike back over to Spain :?:


im back to spain on the 4th of july for the bull running festival :D i was actually going to run with them untill i read that someone dies or get maimed almost every year, so ill be watching from the stands lol

im starting school in september so ill be back for a while :) havnt decided when im coming back, ill need to see when i have to enroll, i expext it will be early august

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