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Cfmoto 800MT touring


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Loan bike, when the tyres for my own bike failed to appear at the dealers. The Cfmoto 800MT, advertised by them as "multi-functional touring" for £9,199, though already they are reducing that by £1188.




"Broaden your horizons and shake away your doubts with the possibilities offered by the 800MT Touring. While the 800MT Sport is happiest devouring the freeway, the 800MT Touring likes to absorb the bump and rough of different surfaces."


Some photos, as it looks good, before the review;








800cc, 67kW or 90hp, 75Nm or 55 ft-lb, 2 cylinders, apparently a KTM design. I will ride it some more before further comment.

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I wanted to speak to the dealer before I posted anything here, because that was awful, because of the engine. It sounds horribly agricultural and tappety. I could not cope with that horrible noise on a motorway trip. It was very jerky and coming up to a roundabout it surged. The idle was shooting up and down and I stalled at the next junction.


Apparently Cfmoto use an engine KTM had to drop, because they could not get it to meet the emissions for Euro 5. Cfmoto have supposedly managed it, but after my experience, to do so they have made a bike that verging on the unrideable. Again, apparently, the engine will settle down as it learns its mapping, or something and by 300 miles it should be OK. Is that just dealer speak? I am the first person to ride it, so I did not take it over 5000 revs (which meant it could do 70mph with ease) and no hard accelerations. Still, if I was guessing, I would say it was A2 compliant and 40 odd hp, not the 90hp it is supposed to be.


The rest of the bike is good. I like the design. It is light, flickable, fun and rides well and has lots of space for my 6"2'. The dash is great. It has an odd touch sensitive indicator stalk that I am sure once you got used to it, would be fine. The barely adjustable screen is OK, as are the mirrors. The seat pad is thin, which would help the shorter rider, but I felt like I could feel the frame underneath it. But, in my limited experience, all bikes now come with crap seats, and options to upgrade.


The nearest competition I have ridden is the Versys 650 GT and it is infinitely better, but for a similar specification, £2k more. I would buy a second hand Versys 650 rather than a new Cfmoto 800MT touring.

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They are naturally quite tight from new and take at least 4k to run in properly.

Most of the emissions testing is lower down the rev range so all cf have done to try cheaply clean up a dirty engine is programmed it to run an even leaner fuel map, closed loop circuit more aggressively which KTM would not do for the user experience...yada yada yada.
further up the rev range it wont be as much of a problem but in towns and slow stuff its gonna be there and a pain until you trick it or flash it off, no matter how many more miles you add on it.
Long term not brilliant for the user experience nor for the bike. 
the thin seat is still gonna be felt even with a shorter rider.


Kawa would be worth more even 3rd,forth hand, part's plenty and every garage would work on them unlike the cf.


its a reasonably nice looking bike and they are making head way i must say, give company 10years more to tidy up manufacturing process and refine then they may be viewed as an alternative if its kept it real world cheaper than the competition like over 25%less.

good conclusion and i would agree. 👍🏽

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