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05 ZX636 C1H - Indicator Problems :(

Guest Mikuma

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Just got it and after my first ride out the indicators have stopped working :( Worked before i went out too!

Indicators work fine as when i put the alarm on/off they flash as they usually do, checked fuse and its ok too. I think its the switch as when i press it either left or right the indicator light on the dash flashes very briefly as do the actual indicators.

Opened up the assembly and looks like its not quite making the connection when its going side to side. If that makes sense.

So i think its deifnaltey the switch :(, realy annoyed want to sell the thing already and only had it 2 days!

Question is anyone know a good place to get Kawasaki spare parts from, cause i only need a tiny switch and most places are only offering the whole assembly including the horn/light swith etc.

Thanks again :(

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Should have explained abit better!

Its the internal mechanism within the switch, it looks like it clicks from left to right to "engage" each indicator side, but look like its not going far enough to enagage it, looks like something has snapped within it and not allowing the full movement.

Abit awkward to explain really, sorry.

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i used to use WD40 in my mixing desk when it crackled as its die-lectric aparently never did it any harm and kept that nasty dust crackle off the channels try it on the switch then if you can try bending the contacts if that also fails clean up the contacts and make an extention out of a solder blob just be really careful not to create a short a small fine file will be helpful with the mod

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