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Got my Knox 6-Pack Backpack in the post today.....

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A stunning bag and I highly recommend it to anyone. The spare visor holder velcro's in the bottom of the bag and the laptop bag is well padded too. It has a helmet bag that you put your helmet in then connect to the webbing on the outside of the bag. Loads of compartments in there it's a little cracker!

It's just an awsome bag and it's arrival has cheered me up no-end as I am feeling quite poorly today :(

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You won't regret it at all. There is so much more too it, being not well right now I can't be bothered doing a full write up about it but it is the dogs bits!!

I am going to the bike show in Decemnber, if I see one at a bargain price there do you want me to get you one?

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That's cheered me up - I ordered on of those from Buster's and am just waiting for it to arrive. :D

At the moment I'm borrowing my Son's P.E. rucksack, so he'll be glad to get it back.

It says "the helmet-carrying feature is not for use while riding" - is this a law, or are they just covering themselves? Reason I ask is my eldest starts middle-school next year and wants me to drop him at school on the way to work. This would mean having to take his helmet to work with me.


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...but if you had a lid on your back in a fall you would sustain some severe injuries because of it.

The penny drops - I'd not thought of it that way. :o


You could always just get a wee cargo net for about a fiver and keep his helmet under that rather than have it in the pack.

Perfect solution, thanks.

This place is great :thumb: thanks guys.


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