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How to change Visor in Caberg Justissimo?

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This might be the answer you are looking for... From another forum..


I may be being terminally stupid but can anyone please tell me how to get the visor off a Caberg Justissimo lid?



If your Justissimmo is a flip front - I think you slide the covers at either side of the flip front forward (They cover the hinge screws) unscrew the hinge screws and the whole thing comes apart. Any help?



but the problem for me is getting the plastic side covers off without breaking them.i have tried but it feels like im going to trash something.


You just pull them off. It sounds terminal but isn't. I've just done it to my wifes helmet to make sure ( ) and it works, open the visor and grab the front of the cover and pull.



Just pull the covers forward and outward. (They feel like you are going to break them but they won't)

Make sure you locate the provided spacers on the correct side - they are marked L & R if you look closely.


Good luck mate, if this is the answer... Sounds a bit of a nightmare!!!

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justimo gt ?

outer visor

each cheek panel (outside have a little slider on the top baqck corner of them pull back slider and then its a cse of pulling outwards on the panel as there is a little metal spring clip that hold the lower edge .....

once panel is off

then its a case of close the visor and the red tag on visor hinge turn that and it will release the visor ..

repeat other side but watch how and which side is which

i will try to post pics later if you still stuck

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