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Bike security -alarm/chains etc

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I'm picking up my CBR125 on the 15th and need to sort out some security sharpish. I don't have a drive but have a parking space in a private car park which I plan on fixing an anchor to. I've pretty much sorted what anchor and chain i'm going to get. The problem is I would also like an alarm on it but not sure if a fitted one or a disc lock one would be best, or if I get a fitted alarm, to get a disc lock too (I guess you can never have too much!)

Can anyone recomend a decent alarm or disc lock alarm please as the choice and price range is baffling me.



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Moved this into the accessories section for you mate....

I really need to sort some security out myself... No idea what to look for though either. I think an alarm will be first followed by ground anchor and a big effin chain!!!

Ideally eventually a tracker system as well.

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i would go for an alarm last

two ground anchors one front one back two expensive short chains

the shorter the better harder for theives to move around to try and cut

try and get the chain through the frame and not just the wheels a chain though the wheel means they just remove the wheels and place bike in back of van


personally just get a cheap self fit one as the amount you pay for a decent one doesnt really give you enough discount on insurance to warrant it and at the end of the day a decent alarm going off in the back of a van is the same as a cheap one going off in the back of a van

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first things first, are you allowed to drill holes in the "private car park" to fit a ground anchor.....


Good point... If they are not best pleased about it and you want to buy this then they might agree to this


http://www.motrax.co.uk/index.php?page_ ... uct_id=713

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Cheers for moving my post to a more relevent board Korben!

Drilling into the ground shouldn't be a problem, my neighbours don't mind and some guy has a plastic shed bolted to his!

Although since posting this my wife has had the brilliant idea that I just park it in the garden and put an anchor (or two) on the patio which means we'll be able to see it from t' house.

With this in mind i'll probably get two anchors and chains along with a cover, it'll be annoying come summer when I have to move it to have a BBQ but hey ho.

I have seen a few reviews of this alarm


and most people have good things to say so for £25 should be worth it to scare off the odd chav.

Might get a disc lock for when i'm at work still though as i'll be more worried about my bike when i'm there, unless I can park it inside which would be possible i guess.

Cheers for the advice

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Locks are all about deterent, if you make it hard to steal, then its not worth the effort, or time and the thief has a better chance getting caught in the act.

But you need something realistic so that you do lock it each time, rather than the "i was only gone ten minutes" and it was nicked scenario..

I prefer a U-lock through the front wheel, and a cable so i can secure it around a suitable object, if you can then put a lock through the back wheel to, as its difficult to lift a whole bike. (I wrap the extra cable through the bike, as it would delay someone having to undo it)... just remember that they are there otherwise you'll fall off, when you try and ride off..

A bike with only a disc lock can be man-handled with the front wheel in the air, especially 125's, and into a van..

no one takes any notice of alarms nowadays, and once its bundled in the back of a van... its gone..

Just my thoughts

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