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Any tolerance in U turns?

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Dunno why, but I'm sh1tting it as I have my test on Thursday and I REALLY want it. About 1 in 10 times I have an issue with U turns.

Just wondering what tolerances there are (if any), i.e. anyone put their foot down and still passed test?

I'm sure that apart from U turn I should be OK (so long as I don't lock up back wheel during em stop), but I'd hate to fail for something so silly.

Our instructors ahve a 93% first time pass rate, but they make it sound really hard ...


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If you are able to ride before the test go and find a roundabout and go round it no more than 3 times (any more is illegal apparently :roll: ) Repeat if necessary.

Then go and find a mini roundabout and go round that a few times, following the instructions you were given for a u turn, i.e., looking where you want to end up NOT at the kerb.

Do this several times until you know you can do it easily - then find a quiet road and imagine you are on a mini roundabout and keep going until it's second nature.

Then pull into the kerb and go through the manouevre again from a standing start. It may sound like a lot of faffing about but you could do all this in less than an hour - and to be honest, you only ever have to do one good one and that's on Thursday.

On the day of the test do a couple on your own before hand just to get rid of the collywobbles.

The hardest bit for me now would be wheeling the bike round first - I'd get a hernia!

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Can't really do that. I have an hour before test where I'm with instructor, I'll tell him what I want to concentrate on, so practice then. Plus I have to warm up the bike in carpark, so I will do some (flat ground) then too. The only access I have to another bike is my CBR600F - but I don't fancy using that for U turns mainly because it revs a lot faster than the GS500 I'm learning on, and clutch/brakes are sharper. I fear that if I practice on my bike I may be 'thrown' on the test.


That's good news. I'm still sh1tting it though :)

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good luck for thursday wiffers

try and be positive - if you find you're getting down or more nervous give yourself a telling off!

you know you can do it, so why let the gremlins tell you you can't? kick em into touch. :hammer: :thumb:

worked for me anyway :)

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Try not to think of the u-turn as a big thing, just as another part of the test that you KNOW you can do.

If you start thinking about it too much it may cost you in other places.

Likewise though, once you have done your U-turn don't think it's a canter to the finish.

Oh and on the final stretch back to the test centre, I found a prayer was quite comforting :wink:

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