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Bikesafe 2009

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Hi all. Hope you are all ok and having a good start to the new year. I have been looking at the Bikesafe site and see they do Bikesafe days at Worthing Fire Station so would anybody be up for doing the course together in a little group from here?

Courses cost £50 for the day.

I have sent an email from the Bikesafe website so should hear more info soon. Last years events started in May so who would be up for the first one in May this year?

Let me know and we can get something sorted so we can all do it together. :)


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This from the website, come one, who's up for it!

BikeSafe - Sussex is a partnership between Sussex Police, West & East Sussex County Councils and Brighton & Hove City Council.

The whole purpose of Bikesafe, a nation wide scheme, is to reduce casualties among bikers by passing on tips and knowledge, to give an insight to safer, smoother riding and a heightened awareness of possible hazards. The scheme invites motorcyclists to participate in an assessment on their present skills, and advice to help make their riding in and around Sussex safer and more enjoyable.

Designed to enhance the skills of all riders who have already passed their test, the courses will be particularly suitable for those who may be returning to biking after a period of absence and also sports bike riders.

The assessment day will cost £50 with lunch provided. A copy of the Highway Code and Motorcycle Roadcraft, the police rider's handbook to better motorcycling will also be included

It will be run over 6 – 7 hours with a maximum of 12 riders. It will consist of two distinct parts with a theory session in the morning covering topics such as the system of motorcycle control, collision causation factors, attitude, cornering and overtaking.

The afternoon session will involve the riders going out with a police rider on a ratio of 2:1 with a comprehensive briefing including safety factors before the ride. By passing on their knowledge, skills and experience, police motorcyclists can help you become a safer more competent rider. At the end of the observed ride there will be a thorough debrief with a written ride summary report.

The message we want to give to riders using the county’s roads is to enjoy their biking but make sure their skills match that of their powerful machines.

If you are a rider and are serious about staying safe on Sussex roads, you should book onto the BikeSafe course now and have a great day out.

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I did the London bike safe course and it was great.

It was pouring with rain and freezing cold but still a very good day. I'm going to do it again in the summer when the condtions are better too.

I only paid £30 with lunch.


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Here are the dates/details for Humberside (Hull/East Yorks/NE Lincs/North Lincs)

BikeSafe 2009

Humberside BikeSafe team invites all motorcyclists to one of their workshop days. On the day your current skills will be assessed and you will be offered advice to help make your riding safer and more enjoyable.

The workshop days are from 8.30am – 3.30pm and is split between a classroom session and an on the road assessment ride.

They cost £35 per person and places are limited to 15 riders a session.

Workshop sessions 2009

Sunday 10th May – Beverley

Sunday 17th May – Beverley

Sunday 24th May – Grimsby

Saturday 6th June – Brigg

Saturday 4th July – Beverley

Sunday 19th July – Brigg

Saturday 1st August – Beverley

Sunday 6th September – Beverley

To book your place ring 07989 396 795

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I emailed Sussex bikesafe about this years dates last September. I haven't heard anything back from them yet so I hope your wait isn't as long as mine Paul! haha

You get a copy of 'Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's Handbook' as part of the course. You can also buy the book from retailers including amazon if you're itching for tips and can't wait till May!


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