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Sunday 8th March

Guest TimR

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Ok Folks my next available day out is this weekend and then that it me for a few weeks as i start racing next month and got to get some practice and actual meetings to do in ....

So this is my proposed play route

Anyone if the weather is agreeable and on the most popular day ( would prefer sunday but im easy atm)

North Wales Mountains and Lakes

If a few of us its going to be around 3 half/4 hrs with stops

if its me lol then about 3 hrs :P

bear in mind it is two and half hours away from me being conservative

yes its north wales but i dont intend drawing too much attention to myself

so looking at a 10.30/11am start at Blaenau (not sure of location yet ) if anyone local (jota :P) could shed some light on .....

and its around Snowdon so wrap up warm lol If on arrival weather is too much route will change ;)

so let me know what days suits you if any ... failing that im still going lol....

Stops will be

Blaenau ffestingiog


Bettws y coed


Blaenau ffestingiog

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Not sure what I'm up to on those dates but will do it if I can, it'd be a Sunday for me tho. If g/f is off work that day I'll be two up on the Bbird otherwise one up on 1098. can see if Houdini and Fazer Pete are up for it too.

Blaenau Ff... is a one horse town and I've rarely stoped there so couldn't reccomend a nice meeting point unfortunately, I do know they have the smallest fuel stop in the world tho :lol: seem to remember some sort of colourful cafe type thing halfway through the village last time I passed through.

Road from Blaenau to Bala is superb!!

Bala to Betws is good even tho its A5

Betws to Caernarfon.... A5 to Capel Curig then swing left for the hills and over Llanberis pass and on to C'fon! too good for words 8-) 8-)

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Sounds good Jota and lets hope for good weather .. Thats the problem with me is i ride through these places and not notice cafe's etc

will see what i can find

do it Phil you will love it trust me ....

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Having a nice run to Aberystwyth, sadly I won't be able to join you as I'm on a Legion course there. Still I get to combine the course with a ride.


No worries Cruz

saw some of the legion lot on sunday in Builth wells Burger King (the welsh rideout club also on jackets )

and i prefer the sunday too im just offering a choice at the moment to see if i can be not billy no mates lol :P

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Hi Minnie sorry tis this weekend that im planned for up that way

right as yet not 100% if will be fit for this but hopefully know more tomorrow ( see how i feel)

If so it will be Sunday

and the route may change slightly to start and end in Bala missing out blaenau ffest stop...

will try to find out if riverside cafe in bala is open on sunday

also will see with regards to weather ....

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right minor route changes

mainly just to add cafe/stop locations in if so wished by all to use ..

i generally ride until i need to fill up by im going for half hour or so blasts this time just to enjoy

Right due to an error on my part Bettws stop will not be Dil's ( it closed ages ago lol)

so new stop will be Conwy Falls cafe situated here Marked a c on map route

got to wait for a water release from the water board tomorrow to find out if the riverside cafe is going to open on sunday

Caernarfon stop not sure but im sure Jota can help .. as will be Lunchtime ish ....there is a mcd's just off route here

Stop E is Eric Jones Cafe more info on the man here ~(not sure of the b4410 road route to return to the route so fingers crossed it's ok )

and then return to Bala

as mentioned hopefully tha riverside cafe is open othewise i will source another spot ...

there is a cafe in the leisure centre just up the road so will keep you posted on this ...(tomorrow )

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so far weather not looking great

met office

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Becoming windy Saturday with rain spreading from the west. Becoming colder through Sunday and Monday and staying windy with sunny spells and heavy showers, these turning wintry by Monday.

Updated: 1450 on Thu 5 Mar 2009

whilst bbc say cloudy and temp of 8c ....

bala webcams


snowdon webcam ( you need to manually refresh browser )

http://www.snowdonia-npa.gov.uk/page/in ... contrast=2

llyn tegid webcam

bettwsycoed webcam


http://www.snowdonia-npa.gov.uk/page/in ... contrast=2

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Guest philgale

im not gonna be able to make it, firstly will be fecked from oulton also im due a service in about 200 miles and that ride out is much more than 200 miles from my house back again....

next time

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right riverside cafe closed due to no water release so the centre is closed..

caffi cyfnod on bala high street is open so will be there

but weather does look pants so will update one way or another saturday night /sunday morning

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well going by weather atm this wont happen as its blowing ahwylie and threatening wintry stuff later ..#

will confirm definite tomorrow morning

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ok tim will check in the am. I'm in rhyl right now and just had heavy downpour :(

easy enough to leave for another day given today was cold n damp!

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sadly am going to say no

every weather report indicates snow and high winds ..

and arrange this for another day

but now i say that it will be sunny and fine up there ....

will just go for a local blast then i think ...

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wet n windy in 'sunny Rhyl'! Doesn't look nice at all :(

aye looks like a 'tidy the garage day' for me and maybe steal a ride later if the weather breaks a little :lol:

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