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Hi guys

Been looking at new lids and have tried a good number on today..Shoei, AGV, Nolan, Shark

Typical that my favourite one was last years model RSI Alien...which was discounted to 100 notes...but only had an XS left :cry:

Fit was excellent and looked great

So my second choice was the Lavilla one 220 pooonds :roll:


A great looking helmet and one that will go well with my new bike (well new to me :D )

Been having a look online and found it for 119.99 or 129.99 with postage, which seems a great bargain at Helmet City

Just a couple of things

Has anyone bought from them and are they good/ to be recommended

Plus does anyone own one of these helmets...and can you give me any feedback

All info muchly appreciated :cheers:

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I had 2 shark helmets, a RS2 then a RS2air.

good helmets, i liked them, light, quiet.

The triangle shaped plastic bit on the front vent of the air kept falling off though!

I've got an RST helmet now, seems pretty good so far

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I'm having a nightmare really

Not got a huge budget at the moment, so want something decent

There is a lot more choice since last time I bought one and new manufacturers etc

Hard to know what is good

Had a read of the advice section on buying a lid, which helps , but still confuddled :|

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I got my RST, fairly recently, from HG, it was just over £100 i think.

you really need to try different ones on.


Yes, tried quite a few on today and there was quite a difference in fit

The Shark was good, just a bit miffed the one I liked best is last years model and cant seem to find one anywhere on the tinterweb :?

Think I'll pop to the other big bike shop in town and see what they have in

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Guest Mr Miller

I like the look of the RST helmets - they'd go perfectly with my RST jacket & trousers......but I couldn't fit in the ones I've tried! :(

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