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Last call for the Ponderosa !!!

Guest parapanfan

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Okelly-dokelly, time to find out who’s meeting who, where and when.

I will be at the Little Chef on the A51, Littleton, just outside Chester between 09:45 and 10:30.

It can be found here; CH3 7DF


Anyone coming from the M56/M53 direction will have to turn LEFT and head away from Chester – the LC is about ¼ mile on the right.

Please put yourself down if you are aiming for this rendezvous..

Anyone going directly to the Ponderosa which can be found here; LL20 8DR


Please let me know if you will go here directly, thanks.

The plan is to be at the Ponderosa for 12:00 with a view to have launch and be ready to set off for 13:00.

The route can be found here;


It is mostly twisty optionally fast roads – BE AWARE – the Plodwyn camera vans, mobile patrols, marked and unmarked, and the occasional static hand-held radar gun spots and even the helicopter patrols this area looking for bikers having fun!

I know it sounds grim but it isn’t, but I feel it is only right that I mention it so there can’t be any argument if someone should get done.

The aim is to return to the Little Chef at Littleton for a cuppa before going our separate ways – it is not compulsory to do the whole route, but please tell someone if you’re going to drop off along the way.

Also the weather forecast suggests it could be heavy rain - I will be there wha'evva the wevva - please PM me to let me know if you will be too and I will send back my mobile no.

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Let you know wots going on l8r para. Will ring shop between 2 and 3 to find out wots wrong and if fixed. But depending on cost will prob end up going straight to the ponda with rennie as got a lot to fork out this month.Single guy,morgage etc etc and unexpected bills u know wot i mean.

But will let u know either way as soon as i know.

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unless absolutely peeing down will be leaving my house(meeting friends there) at 1030, going straight to ponderosa, say hello, straight back. will look on here at appx 0930 before leaving, let me know by then GixxerGuy.

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I'll tag along with Hoodini and his bro from Bangor, it's wet here now and looks like it'll get wetter :cry: I'll be there unless it turns into a monsoon, I guess this ride out will be a very last minute thing :(

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Will meet you at the Little Chef unless it's bouncing down.

Was out in the car in the Mold area yesterday and the temporary speed limit is causing traffic build-up and is being heavily policed. Might be an idea to give it a wide berth on the return.

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we can't make it after all as little un now back from holiday with oldies so can't really ask them to have him an extra day when they've suffered a week with him and his mate.

have a great time anyway no matter the weather. remember it didn't stay exactly dry for Matlock but it was still a good ride. :D

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goddamnsh@tblastfookandbo@~#ks. :( :x :evil:

Bike wont be sorted to next week. :evil:

Soz to let u down folk.

Hopefully be a next time while the weather aint to bad.

Have a good ride out.

Looks like i'll have to go to the pub tonight then. :lol:

Been a great day today aswell.hope tommorows the same. Least i can get the roof down on the car, still get the feel of the wind. :lol:

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am back now too !

Great day out :D nice meeting all you peeps, look forward to the next one now :lol:

We were well lucky with the weather, no sooner had I got through my front door than it started raining! :D

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