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More Woes :( Massive lack of power during ride


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Sorry guys me again :(

Last night, fitted new air filter (standard part), put it back together, took for 10 mile test ride and everything was totally fine.

This morning, on my commute about 5 miles in I join the main road. I worked my way up to about 4th gear @ approx 60mph..

All of a sudden @ approx 5000 RPM the bike just stops being able to rev.

drifted over into the LH lane and pulled off, managed to get to work doing about 20 - 30 mph in 1st / 2nd gear.

The bike just would not pick up at all. and yet it didn't actually stop running. when i got here I stoppped / re started and its hard to tell but still seems the same. Even when in neutral the bike just isn't revving freely enough to get the rev's up (as it should be)....

Its almost like an air / fuel problem but strange as i can't see any blocked pipes or anything.

I'm leaning towards some sort of electrical problem now maybe something similar to the thread a couple below.

Has anyone got any ideas?

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tried that and didn't really tell me much..

both made changes to the engine sound and then conked out so don't think its running specifically off one cylinder.

Another interesting thing - on the dash there is a lil green indicator bulb and headlight full beam indicator. neither of these work now.

I'm thinking that there may have been an earth problem and which caused the lights to blow and possibly caused something else to do with my power problem - what - i don't exactly know.... :(

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What state are the HT leads in Chris?


They LOOK okay...

If i take a plug out, stick the lead on it and then hold it close to the frame is that okay to check the spark?

and do i leave the fuel etc all normal (i.e. won't it flood if none of it is igniting?) or should i turn the main fuel tap off?

I've checked the main bike fuse. which is fine. I've looked at the cables and what not around the fuse which go to various bits and bobs.

there is a regulator / recitifier under the seat which from what i understand plays a part in the ingnition, and also a 'pulse generator' behind the RHS engine casing.....

ermmm. propper stuck. Think I'll take the tank off, so i can test sparks etc and get clear view of everything.

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This morning, on my commute about 5 miles in I join the main road. I worked my way up to about 4th gear @ approx 60mph..

All of a sudden @ approx 5000 RPM the bike just stops being able to rev.


it was pretty damp this morning. maybe water in the electrics made it run on one cylender....... WD40 :wink:

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cheers for the replies peeps.


I've had the bike in a few bits, checked the fuse / cables / pipes for kinks etc and can't see anything.

had the plugs out as suggested against the engine and produced a nice blue purple spark, both of em seemed very similar in terms of frequency but by eye is all i've got to go by.

I've put my original KnN air filter back in to rule that out,

Noticed that when i let the throttle back off (after its' eventually got up to revs) its backfiring and some times cuts out...

I've took the fuel tank off and cleaned off the tiny amount of muck that was on the filter in there.

All back together and is still the same.

i'm now anticipating possibly taking the carbs to bits to see if theres anything in there going on..

any more ideas ? :D appreciate all the help btw

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sounds like a problem i had

hows the inside of your tank? my bike wouldnt rev and kinda wanted to die lol turned out to have a rusty tank and the rustwas in the fuel so NOT GOOD!!!

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FIXED! nice one lovely jubbly....

Well see the pic below this was the cause of my problem. reletively small you might think but when its plugging your main jet in one carb lol its deffinitely not small!!

decided to strip carbs as per last update, realised that the LHS zorst downpipe was cooler then RHS so looked there first and sure enough it was completely blocked.

All sorted now and done 65 miles to test it! :D I'm one happy bunney :cheers: :cheers:

Thanks to everyone who posted and Dan who was helping me trouble shoot the other day :thumb:


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