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AGV Helmets

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Anybody wear these? Have any comments? I'm looking for another lid to use for longer journeys/motorway miles as the Roof is a tad noisy and after a while gets a little uncomfortable (I wear ear plugs all the time but at higher speeds it's still noisier than I am happy with). The first helmet I had was AGV and fitted well and I quite like the look of the Stealth. I see that they score well on the Sharp test but I have seen reveiews that suggest they aren't the quietest either...although undoubtedly quieter than my current one! On the other hand I hear that Schuberth make some pretty quiet lids but they don't seem to score so highly. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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Depends on the fit of the helmet imho.

One of my first lids was an AGV Q3 which was well made and very quiet; i went to a shoei after that and found it terribly noisy but it wasn't as good a fit as the AGV and i'm wearing an Arai now which is quiet and comfy....what i'm trying to say is its different strokes for different folks. Go and try lots on and you should find that the comfiest, best fitting one should be the quietest.

On a related note, i had the AGV when i worked for J&S about 12ish years ago now and about 5 years ago i worked for Hein Gericke and found the quality of the newer AGV's to be not a patch on the older models **in my opinion**

Hope that helps.

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I have an AGV Stealth, it took a little while to bed in but now i find it very comfy and i do love the helmet. However it is really quite noisy when you start getting much above 70mph. If you're sitting at 80+mph (not condoning this of course :wink: ) then you would definitely need ear plugs.

Perhaps try the AGV S-4 which I think is exactly the same shell as the Stealth but without the air scoops on the top. Not sure how much this affects the ventilation and misting in winter etc though?

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I've got an AGV Airtech and find it comfy although my right ear aches if I'm on the bike for a while. Think that's probably just my ear though!

Not sure on the noise comparisons as I've only really worn my lid, but I often wear ear plugs too. I do get a whistle now and again, but it's not consistent and only at higher speeds. I'm thinking of trying an S-4 for my next lid.

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Anything will be quieter than a Roof, and will feel comfortable too!


You'll get new arguments from me there. Anything over about 40 is almost painful without ear plugs. A real shame though as the Roof is by far and away the most comfortable helmet I've worn. It'll still get used, just not for the longer motorway journeys.

I'm going to go and try a few when I get back next week :D

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