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cleaning leathers...

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So i finally after week of looking bought some rst 2 piece leathers. There are no advice lables on the jacket or the pants on how to clean them, I have some leather cleaner from Auto Glymm which i got for the car also got the leather care cream stuff. The leathers aren't dirty as such just covered in dead bugs.

should i use the auto glymm stuff on my new leathers, or are there other products that are more suited(or are those the same just repackaged for clothing?)?

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ask Blakey, he got some cleaner at the bikesafe event, retails at £18 was ggod stuff and waterproof, they did our boots and the kneepads of my leathers, but i'm tight so didn;'t buy any, Blakey did.

it keeps the colour and is non greasy/tacky..

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Use Autoglym cleaner and the protector / feeder myself mate... Works fantastic at getting everything off.

Check a part no one will see much off first to make sure it does not react bad.... Try the bottom of your trousers as they are hidden by boots...

Use the cleaner when you want to (Depends how clean you like your gear).

Use the protector / feeder once every 3 months. Keep you leathers fed. If you don't they will become brittle and can become pretty useless in an accident.

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Yep get too your local tack shop. Castor oil is a good leather food and will restore old dried leathers as well water proofing. A wipe with a damp cloth is a good place to start. I then put on leather gloves and apply the oil with them. Hang up to dry. Two birds, one stone 8-)

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Wiat till it rians go for a ride greta for getting the dead flies off mate :wink: :cheers:

or ride with a fleece on over your leather jacket, pop it nin the wash, and hey presto, clean again, also gives you another warm layer and more pockets for butty money... :)

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Early this year l was in the Dainese shop. I asked the man in the shop about the best way of cleaning leather gear. He told me that the Dainese race technician use only baby wipes. They take boxes of them to the race meets. Cheep enough l think

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