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    Kawasaki ZZR 1400 2007 model
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    Bikes.....all kinds, beer, fishing, music, cycling, walking, all the usual boring stuff

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  1. Mine is polished and wrapped up nice and warm at the moment
  2. Ive had to go to the dark side & get a trike and here she is
  3. https://oi198.photobucket.com/albums/aa307/toppermk6/Trike%206.jpg I get what you are saying...... however, due to my ailments, I would need to give up all together. I cannot remember how to insert a picture now................ mind is going too
  4. Hi all So..........after a long think and a look at how many miles I have covered on the ZZR in last 2 years (1000 mile only) I decided to sell her Had it for 7 years and loved it, but at nearly 60 I am finding it tough after an hour riding. Not to give up on biking all together, decided to buy a Panther Trike. Am i still welcome here with a Trike or do I need to bugger off and find a Trike forum now
  5. I know the weather is a bit shite at the moment, however, if we get any crisp weekends from now to end of year I could be in. Just post it on here.
  6. Hey Goody I will give you a shout on Thurs if i am going. I would go for 6 ish though and stay till 8.............. dark visor and blind as a bat in dark
  7. Is there anyone out and about this August Bank Holiday?
  8. probably out tomoz early doors.........like 6am...........run into wales, betwsy-e-coed anyone up for it
  9. Awww kin ell I missed this one!!...................I always go normally too.................just didnt realise it was this weekend! was it good then?
  10. What's the difference between your Missus and your Job? Your Job sucks after a couple of years No!! my nephew did NOT tell me that one
  11. Sorry But it is the "Worst" joke thread. My Niece & Nephew tell them me every day............... you have to laugh.
  12. Why do Lobsters not share?? Because they are Shellfish
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