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  • Birthday 22/11/1961

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    15my Speed Triple / 1994 1200 triumph Trophy
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    Football, bike sport, gym, grandkids - order depends on mood

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  1. Mickly

    Happy birthday

    Glad you had a good’un belated birthday wishes
  2. Saw this today It was a Suzuki LS 650 Savage in a Vespa frame - chain drive with a fuel tank in the right hand pannier. A most peculiar thing, and you may ask why ? Probably coz they could. Got a lot of attention.
  3. Mickly


    If you want to keep her out, why have a lid at all??
  4. Mickly


    Does this mean that @Six30 can finally move out of your wardrobe?
  5. I’ve got some of those for when I wash the Speedtriple - prevents water ingress into the up turned exhausts
  6. Mickly


    Each to their own in this respect ..
  7. Much too cheap to be true - tell them to f*ck off & that you’re a cyber crime expert who’s gonna track him down and make him watch as you torture his family… should give them something to worry about for a minute !!
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