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  1. Did anyone see the Guy Martin program where he pinged himself off the back of an electric bike? gave it a handful of throttle & didn’t expect it to launch with such venom - luckily he was wearing decent gear.
  2. I don’t have this problem, people cross the road to avoid me !! One old geezer from down the road stopped once and started blathering about his biking history and turned the topic on to the U3A ( look it up ), I said I was in as long as it involves wife swapping & devil worship … now he only nods as he walks past.
  3. Had a spare hour or so .. Cleaned up the mating faces if the crankcase & block, then new dowels fitted to the crankcase New head gasket fitted ( isn’t it a thing of beauty? ) Odd spacers that I had to cut in half and butt up against the cylinder head gasket at the front of the engine. They fit here Headbolts hand tightened And OH BOLLOX!! I need 10 and only order 8 what a f’kin numpty. In my very weak defence, the World of Triumph site says 8 required for my bike. Stiil I took 10 out, so should have known !! So that really does stop play until I get some new ones delivered.
  4. Liners fitted - gently tapped in place with a rubber mallet. Thats it for a week or so as we’re off down to Newquay on holibobs
  5. So following @fastbob ‘s advice, I’ve reduced the size of the beads of blue Hylomar.
  6. And the wet line all up your back - Bourne out of experience !! Best fit a hugger at the same time.
  7. Thanks, it did say “smooth it off”, maybe it’s squished out as I smoothed it out. I’ll try & take some off tomorrow ( can you do that once it’s cured? ) or do I need to start over? Always ready to take advice from someone who’s already got the T-shirt
  8. You reckon I’ve over done it? Haynes manual doesn’t say how big a bead to use.
  9. So take off the masking tape without buggering up the paint at the edges. Liner mating faces inside of crankcase cleaned up Assembly lube smeared on gudgeon pin, cloth stuffed into crankcase to prevent errant circlips pinging off in to oblivion. 1st piston fitted - circlips are a pain as they are just plain hoops without anyway of gripping them to compress !! All 4 fitted - not a quick job !! Liners with bead of Blue Hylomar on mating faces left to cure. Maybe fit the liners tomorrow.
  10. Happy birthday, ‘av a good ‘un
  11. Mickly

    How much?

    I had smart meters fitted by Scottish Power in January 2020 & despite countless emails & phone calls, they still can’t get a remote reading & keep insisting on meter readings -I eventually spat my dummy & went to the Ombudsman 6 months ago, SP have now made an appointment for this Friday to have someone come out & look at them - we will see WTF happens… if you see a hostage situation in Cov crop up on the news you’ll know they couldn’t sort it !! Ombudsman says SP have got to give me £100 compo, yet to see it !!
  12. Right, post COVID but still feeling grotty I’ve measured the installed end gaps of the new piston rings ( all good ) & fitted them to the pistons, ensuring they are the correct way up & the gaps on the correct orientation. e.g. Next up will be fitting them to con rods & then fitting the liners.
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