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  1. I have ridden for many years, as i have got older (i'm 72) i stop riding around October time. Don't want to come off lol cause i don't bounce so well these days. When i do start riding in the spring time i feel very 'wooden' on corners but it passes very quickly, about 5-10 mins of riding. As for your pilot jets they can be a real pig to clean as they have very small holes. A friend of mine had a bike that had stood for over 15 years, we go it running but would not run good at low revs. Unknown to me he took it to a place who cleaned the pilot jets with single strands of house
  2. She needs some TLC from her long hibernation. The lack of compression on one cylinder may well be stuck rings, try putting a little 2 or 3 grams of Reddex down the plughole and leave it for a week. before trying to start take the plugs out and crank it over to blow out any excess reddex (you do not want to hydraulic it, thats compressing a liquid in a confined space. That can cause major damage) Then crank it over with your finger in the plughole of each cylinder to get a comparison for compression.
  3. I had an earlier model of this bike but i think they are about the same. As Fastbob says remove the top end, thats the camshaft head and barrel, don't drop the cam chain do in the crankcase. When thats done stuff rags into the hole in the crankcases so that nothing falls down there. Grab the conrod in you hand and see if there is any VERTICAL movement, there will be a little side to side play but thats ok. Also as Fastbob says check the play with the camshaft in the head that there is no vertical play there, leave it all oily as to do it dry can cause damage to the bearing surfaces. When y
  4. Not sure i am getting this right, you want to use a shaft drive wheel and convert it to chain drive type using your existing hub. This would entail new spokes, yes? You may think it's expensive but you could rebuild the wheel itself, it's not that hard to do though the have to find out if you existing wheel has an offset of the rim to the hub. Most wheels are central but it's seay to find out. Put your spindle in a vice vertically, drop the wheel on and measure from the bench to the wheel rim and hub and work out it it is central or offset. As for the building the hole centres on the hub w
  5. Your right a car driver can't hear much, but he is in 4 wheels and maybe he will dent his car. Your on two wheels, a knock and you off with a good chance of a hospital visit. Music will not increase your safety it distracts you especially when a track comes on you like. You get into it and things are missed around you, thats the hospital visit again. As for you last statement you must have heard LOUD PIPES SAVES LIVES. It's a fact as i have found out, i had a Volvo driver just pulling to the right not looking in his mirrors, when i was just off his rear quarter, dipped the clutch and ga
  6. You won't hear the ones that knock you off.. you should see them though True but they are still dangerous to use. As an aside i took my bike and car test in Sevenoaks lol
  7. Personally i think ear phone while riding are dangerous, you have mad car drivers intent on tagging you. They are a dangerous distraction. Anyhow i like hearing my bike.
  8. I have a Xena15, it's a big chunky that will never be got off except with the key. As for the built in alarm, when i bump my bike in the garage accidentally and the alarm goes off i have to get out of the garage PDQ, it is kin noisy. They are about £70.00 but worth it.
  9. Really feel for you mate and i mean that. I to haver tinnitus, self inflicted you might say as i work in heavy steel industry in the early 70's. Health and Safety was not so hot them at least not where i worked. I have tried a few ear plugs bought online but the best ones i have were moulded for my ears, they work really well and you can hear people talking to you quite well. To all that don't wear them on your bikes GET THEM!!
  10. AC50 is good stuff but a real pain to get off in the spring lol
  11. I was 65 when i bought my VW Trike, i always fancied one but wish i never actually bought one. Mine had a raked front end 12in wide wheels and tyres (bloody expensive) but looked good. What always looks good don't mean it is. A few things i learnt, normal telescopic forks raked are not a good ride they are heavy on the steering and prone to steering wobble. I have talked to other trike owners that have leading link forks and they say they are easy to turn. The real flash trikes like Boom are good but very expensive. There are quite a lot of Trikes and trike makers up North not so many of e
  12. Can't see my post here??? anyway take a look here. https://www.facebook.com/xaveriusMR/videos/2512829129040884/?t=21
  13. May well be to late for a reply here but here goes. Get single hex sockets as they cause a lot less damage. As to what some have said, i recently took the top end off a Kawasaki 500 and 3/8 drive were not up to the job because there there was not enough leverage to undo the cylinder head bolts. I used my 1/2 in drive set.
  14. I used to have a very comprehensive collection of snap on gear, till i got burgled and the lot was taken now i just get stuff that will do the job as cheap as possible, I bet that pissed you off!! They are scum those barstards!!
  15. Can't say as i 'enjoyed' riding in the cold and wet (and i defy anyone to say they do!!), there again riding in extreme high temps is also not fun either.
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