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  1. Went for a ride but really hard to be imaginative and go far when you surrounded by traffic jams... https://www.facebook.com/Wave105/photos/a.109253155777505/4238671179502328/
  2. Pretty much how I felt when had Corona virus but add on smoking 60 odd cigarettes the night before. My symptoms where get light...
  3. So she had an RTC failed to stop has tried to hide it then tried to pass the blame to you. I would drop the footage to the police as well for good measure.
  4. Well if they don't care about there driving why should they care about the work they do.... I have also been known to phone hands free "ok Google call "Sealability Coventry"", then have a polite chat. Some companies are more receptive than others, adding to the conversation with let's hope your company name is clear on the cam footage is often sporting..
  5. I am the same with marked vehicles, if there driving is selfish and inconsiderate that will be there attitude to customers... Only different one in that is the local council (you have to deal with them). However they have brilliant app that you can report various things through including inconsiderate behaviour ..
  6. I have biker jeans, and a loose fitting leather jacket that can fit 3 jumpers under in winter and in summer is easy to take it but it's loose enough that it gets good air flow through it on the move...
  7. No but in the local river the environmentalists have stopped it being harvested, like it has been for centuries. Next that part of the river will be alternating between a stinking mud pit and a flood plain. Stage 2 it will dry up be bought by a developer who will put 2 million pound affordable houses on it.
  8. I am going on day trip to Southend on sea, 3 hours there 3 back in the car. To long on bike for misses and mainly motorways.
  9. Heart attack/ Stroke - I do make basic efforts to minimise risk I don’t eat fast food regularly. I keep an eye on my diet, reduce fat intake where possible. Not saying I don’t eat bacon butties just not every day. I might not be in a gym but I walk regularly and try keeping active. If I was advised to take medication for blood pressure or blood thinners to reduce clotting I would. RTA / Motorcyclist - As a road user there is a risk. I endeavour to keep safe learning and be a courteous considerate user. For the sake of others as well as my own safety. When the requirements
  10. Sorry got to agree with @Bender here, yes I am more relaxed however inside in close proximity with strangers wear a mask. Is it really that horrific? Or make that big a difference? Fair enough in private with friends/ family. One problem is typically viruses mutate and become vaccine resistant, why do you think they are so nervous about the latest strain. The less people that catch the virus the less chance it has to mutate.
  11. Just an idea but: https://www.boatfittings.co.uk/c/boat_cabin_hardware/hinges S/S built a bit stronger...
  12. If there is little hope coming from the forum about the outcome, is probably with good reason. My first off on coming car flashed car out in front of me, I got brakes hard. Front brake to hard, police arrived on seen decided I had no claim as there has been no collision. My second 2 up van infront of me turning into side road, they flashed a van out into carriage way (I was behind could not see this). Van pulled out of side road into my carriage way with no gap in other lane blocked carriage way. I stopped short of van was stationary. When pulling out he had full lock on, clipp
  13. My thought don't do it. You Aced the bits that most struggle with in the 60's Careless moment on the 8 it happens. I would practice slow speed manoeuvres on 125cc in car park. As I recall car bays are slightly smaller than u turn distance. Figure of 8' s come out smaller as well. Then on mod 1 on bigger bike it all becomes easy. Well that's what I found.
  14. Fully agree... it’s also doing the Maintenon whilst it becomes a classic.
  15. You have to be a yachtie to appreciate the expression, nothing naffer than a plastic gaffer.
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