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  1. fook sake , what retarded gimp keeps posting these.
  2. its was'nt your fault, it was hers, should try and position yourself so they can see you in mirrors. presume noise is from front somewhere.... can you not get front wheel off the ground and spin it see if you can locate it , or ride slow somewhere with your lid off see if you can pin point it
  3. It’s got scam written all over it .
  4. No but I was in a Reggae band , only played the triangle , I used stand at the back and ting .
  5. I would if thought the same to be honest once you done mod 1 , wouldn’t need cbt ...
  6. Marquez , has he lost his edge , not the same , or is he not 100% fit ??? rip to the young lad in moto 3.
  7. thats some tent you got there , look at the room in it
  8. remember having one of those , use to ride it over the fields, sold it for the grand sum of £28 .
  9. do you want to do a list of what i can and cant joke about and what wont offend you sweetheart.
  10. you gays..... your on a fooking motorbike your get wind and buffeting screen or not....
  11. thats what im going to do ,get a van chuck bike in the back , go away with mrs , she can come on back , sometimes, or go shopping preferably shopping i'll go out on bike ... win win.
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