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    2020 Suzuki GSX-R1000R
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    West Sussex, UK

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    Watches, the gym, kick boxing, scotch, climbing, mountain biking, and motorbikes I guess

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  1. Only had my gixxer, mt10 and mt125, all were great.
  2. You wanna sponsor me? I was one of the fastest... In novice. Let's see if inters at Lydden hill on the 18th is different.
  3. Only my first track day! And I'm too old mate, 36
  4. Fitted engine casings ahead of track day next Wednesday.
  5. geofferz


    Only word of caution is on unbranded stuff on ebay. Amazon should be better as they have the adhere to CE regs etc I think, ebay not so much. If it's branded it should be fine.
  6. So ugly. And I love new bikes, and owned an mt10, I'm not just being curmudgeonly
  7. geofferz


    I'm atgatt - full leather and full face. Was warm on Sunday though! I'll get some jevlar jeans but that's the minimum. Others can do what they like.
  8. Going raving Friday night. 2nd jab Saturday. Then going raving Saturday night.
  9. Burnt my leg on the zorst. Ouch.
  10. Bought an airbag suit. It's a bit baggy in places - anyone know if this is normal to allow for the airbag inflation? The tech is pretty new so not much info online.
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