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    Watches, the gym, kick boxing, scotch, climbing, mountain biking, and motorbikes I guess

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  1. Weirdly I also agree with six
  2. Major congrats! My first divorce anniversary in December - might take the ex wife out for dinner.
  3. I love fortnine, and this video is the only single wrong once I've noticed him post. Yes at slow speeds you counter lean to go round potholes etc, but motogp racers go elbow down for a reason. You can practice anywhere - back garden, synagogue car park... Here's me on my commute to work
  4. I went kite surfing which was fun. No pics alas.
  5. If there's a pump that is empty and cars can't get to because other cars behind are blocking it then jump in, I did. Otherwise no.
  6. Yeah fair enough. When I moved house they just gave me a refund for being in a cheaper area to be fair, no probs my end.
  7. Just go for the cheapest - everyone love insurance companies when nothing goes wrong then hates them when they refuse to pay out, which most will try not to of course. Just one point about MCE's trackday insurance they 'throw in'; the excess is half the value of the bike which isn't much use.
  8. We always look back with Rose tinted glasses.
  9. Yes, welcome, bqurious software.
  10. Happy birthday fellas! Hope you don't feel too old.
  11. Yeah but only legit companies are allowed to collect direct debits. My old company traded for 15 years, 3m turnover, had to jump through loads of hoops. And the money is always recoverable.
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