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Honda Engines are NOT indestructible


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Started the bike at lunch yesterday to hear a very loud ticking from the engine, it's been making a ticking noise for a while but was very quiet and i assumed it was the cam chain tensioner.

Bike shop picked it up from work and i got a lift home, "definitely your cam chain tensioner" was what i was told upon pickup and this morning. So they sold me one... I fit it... still a loud ticking...

They want to charge 3-4 hours labour to pull the engine apart and see what it is, which i can't afford at £50 an hour.

CBR600FV 1997, just ticked onto 27200KM so...just under 17k miles. I do know that the valve clearances were due at 26k km, which haven't been done, but i can't imagine this would cause a loud ticking suddenly one lunch time.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm seriously desperate

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just because its ticking it doesnt mean its fudged! So you havent destroyed YET!!!

You need to know where the noise is coming from top bottom left right clutch casing rocker cover etc etc

if i was you i would strip the fairings and tank off maybe even the air box suspend the tank so you can run the bike but still get in and listen for the sound

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you can use a length of wood against different places round the engine and place your ear to it you will hear any nasty noises transmited down wood place it around cam cover barrels cam chain area if you can reach it the alternator clutch.it might help you work out what area it is ticking in

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I may see about taking the rockercover off at some point and just taking a look, see if i can clearly see a problem in there. It's a very definite tick, increases with revs, doesn't go away at any rev range, although i'm not going to rev it too high, if it drops a valve the engines buggered. I can't pinpoint if it's coming from a particular cylinder, I can't actually hear the tick through a screwdriver at all, literally no ticking sound whatsoever, just the hum of the engine and clutch noise. It does however seem noisier on the right side, it could possibly be that the cam chain blade/guides have worn so much that the tensioner is no longer able to push the blade into the cam chain itself and isn't tensioning.

Anymore suggestions greatly appreciated.

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