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Passed CBT yay!!

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Passed my CBT today so happy

Seriously thought it wasn't gunna happen when I couldn't master the clutch control turns (U and fig 8) but once one the road I was fine.

Just curious if anyone else struggled with that part?? Just gotta get my theorysoryed before my lessons :D

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i did mine last saturday, during the slow ride around i droped the bike and dint do the figure of 8 - tried but couldn't really nail it, on the road however i had 1 or 2 stalls but then i was fine!

I also passed but i felt i was not good enough but as you've described think we are in the same boat!

Go book ur theory! and well done on the CBT!

hope you enjoied it :)

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Well done :thumb: I had a problem with u-turn and figure of 8 but not because of clutch but just slow riding in general. Failed my MOD1 twice when I put my foot down on slalom :oops: But thanks to proper training on DAS I passed it first time :mrgreen:

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I struggled with the figure 8's til Rennie took me on a car park on a pushbike!! :lol: But funnily it was only when I was turning to the right, not to the left! Weird!!! :lol:



I also struggle with right turns rather than left - and hubby (who is an experienced biker) says he finds left bends much easier than right! I'm also the same riding a horse LOL.

Congrats anyway, it's always the slower speeds that are more difficult - but practise makes perfect (hopefully!) :)

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