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bike will not start


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Bike - 250cc Hyosung comet, Four stroke DOHC (air and oil cooled) V2 cylinder. 2002. Miles - unknown.

To try to help in eliminating potential problems, heres a list of what Ive had done recently and some history.

New battery (4 weeks ago)

new plugs (4 weeks ago)

carbs cleaned 4 weeks ago.

I rode my bike 150 kms yesterday with no problems. Last night, I tried to start my engine (around 5 degrees outside).

I tried to bump start it in first and second - nothing.

I tried to use jump leads - nothing.

(The lights were working ok all the while)

I opened it up to look at the plugs and noticed that the air filter had detached and must have been sitting loose before I parked it up. Im guessing it cant have been like that for more than 20 minutes but I wouldnt have noticed if there was a problem anyway becasue I had free wheeled it for 20-ish minutes before putting it away (because I was in the mountains and hadnt used the engine to get it home).

I couldnt tell if there was anything wrong with the plugs or not cos I dont know what Im looking for. _ i thought I might have just flooded the engine but a 'jump' would have fixed that wouldnt it?

Any ideas what might be the problem? Id like to have a crack at fixing it muyself before taking it to a garage but Im no mechanic.

Im tearing my hair out here, I just had to pay some guy to bring it back to my home on his truck. He didnt have a ramp and it was 1 and a half metres off the floor - so it was fun trying to get it off ( I think the muffler must be shagged now too after that...).

Thanks in advance

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It sounds like a safety cut out switch, ie ... side stand switch, in gear etc

Is the neutral light on when you try start it ?

When you say it does nothing, does it make a sound at all, when you try start it or does it simply not do anything ?

When you press the starter, do the lights dim slightly ?

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hi. Yeah, sorry, I realised just now that i was a bit vague. It makes a noise like the starter motor is going (chur chur chur chur chur chur) but doensnt sound like the engine is firing.

The neutral light is on, yes.

The lights dont usually come on until the engine is running but the indicators are running as are the lights on the dash.


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Tried using a bit of throttle?

Is the engine turning over like normal, just not "catching" or is it making a strange sound?

What are the plugs like after you tried starting it, they wet etc?

When you looked at the airfilter, did it look as though any water or anything entered the engine? Would it be possible to have a quick check (even a leaf could block it up etc)

You double checked every type of kill switch, the main one, side stand, clutch (if there is a kill switch on the clutch) any of these may be stopping it catch?

Also, test the spark plug for a spark, plug it in to the coil and put it on a piece of metal, try starting the bike, it should spark.

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ive tried using throttle/choke etc.

The plugs are sparking.

the engine isnt catching - even when i bumped/jumped it.

Ive double checked the kill switches. The other poster mentioned the side stand - but ive checked and theres no wires attached to it. its an oldish bike and i dont think it has that safety feature.

theres a bit of fuel/gunk in the tank with the airfilter - i thought it may have been that. I need to get the carburetors checked i think

thanks for your suggestions. itll give me food for thought next time something happens. But ive only got a few tools at home. so, i think ill have to take it in tomorrow

im again defeated with my limited knowledge!

thanks anyhow

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