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Motorbike gear. How much is this stuff worth!?

Guest lostmymoto

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Hi everyone,

I've decided to hang up the boots or rather the helmet so to speak on my short lived motorbike career :cry:

I just found the novelty wore off quickly and I got fed up with the Irish weather

The bike has been sold and I'm now left with my gear. The thing is that the gear was all a present so I've no idea how much it is all worth, so 'm hoping some of you guys might give me a rough idea so that I can at least try and get something for it.

Everything is about 7 years old, but was probably used less than 20 times in total.

Would really appreciate any info you guys can give and maybe one day I'll be back if the global warming ever becomes a reality in Ireland!

Thanks everyone.








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welcome to the forum :lol:

please say hello in the newbies section

if you're sticking around :lol:

What your stuff is worth is hard to say!

whatever someone is willing to pay for it! :lol:

good luck!

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They look heavily worn for only 20 times, maybe a good clean may spruce them up a little and make them sellable.

Price wise, not much for the helmet, everything else best to add them on Ebay and fingers crossed.


Pretty much exactly what i was going to say.

If the helmet has been dropped/hit, please dont sell it! many people wont buy second hand helmets because they dont know if they have been dropped, because once a helmet is dropped/knocked it is not as effective.

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Thanks for all the replies. I'm actually thinking of just giving it to a fella I know. Just didn't want to be giving it all away if was worth more than a couple of hundred, which doesn't seem to be the case. Its actually only the boots, trousers and jacket that haven't been used much. They have been stored in a dusty old farm shed the last couple of years, hence look a bit haggard!

@ chris92 - it was an old cruiser style Honda 600. Can't even remember the model. CBR? T'was born in 1980, but was in mint condition and a beautiful bike to look at, tho I'd imagine some would have a bit of a laugh at its top speed, lol.

@ BB3lions. You might be interested in watching a video of a trip I recently done across the Irish sea in a carboat for H4H. I think we are on their website somewhere!

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