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Engine / Spark problems :(


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Hello again everyone *waves* I'm here yet again to seek your wisdom and guidence. *bows down* I recently took collection of a new bike, (not run in yet, only about 6 miles on the clock) (Generic Trigger X 50), however am having problemos. :roll:

If I let the bike idle for more than about 10 seconds the bike dosn't then want to rev high (in the top half of the rev range, (where all the power is on a 50 :x )) Is this down to the bike being new, and there for having thicker oil in the engine, that could be clogging up the spark plug, or am i missing the ball pit completly, and the bike should infact not do this at all? :?

Many thanks, bullet.

P.s. a special thankyou to a contact that has already helped :)

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If you just turned it on then and leave it like that, its perfectly normal. Just a cold engine struggling to sustain itself. Any more petrol, which acts as cooling will be trying to kill it and not allow the additional heat of the acceleration within the engine do anything good for you.

You have to leave it idling for at least 5 mins before riding, especially in this cold. Try and hold revs when you turn it on with choke, give it 2500-3000rpm for a minute and then let off the choke and leave it to idle. If it dies try again and adjust the idle speed.

Then after 5 mins, hop on and dont go above 6000rpm until the bike is warmed through. So go down the road and get upto 30mph using no more than 6000rpm. Then when it has warmed you can rev the nuts off it. Do anymore than that, especially through the run in period then you will blow it up prematurely. And I mean you wont reach 1000 miles premature.

Its got 0.05 litres to hand. It may be a bugger but when you switch it on, leave it and gear up. Send some texts and then head off. Its the trials of owning a 2-stroke motorbike. You should be all good otherwise :thumb:

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1.OK- its a 2 stroke engine, so warming up is vitally important with this type of engine (good 5 mins)- if you are doing this already- good!

2.check the spark plug- look for fouling- this will give an indication of the mix, if it has been set too rich or too lean

http://www.4secondsflat.com/Spark_plug_reading.html shows a few examples

3.ensure you have clean/new fuel- drain & replace

4.same with oil- ensure feed is correct

5.Air filter- remove, inspect, clean with 50/50 petrol & 2 stroke oil ( petrol evaporates leaving a thin film of oil to catch extar rubbish...only do his if the air filter is SPONGE- if paper then examine & replace if neccessary.

5.The carb "may" be dirty/not set up, although, I would not attempt this unless you feel confident

If you got it from a dealer- take it back and ask them to help- they will be more than keen to help- but not always on a Saturday.

Let us know how you get on

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I'll try that next time i plan to use it (sunday, as i need more practise with it). Oh, and it dosn't just do this at the begging, after my run (went to caravan storage and back to drop off some stuff, (a good 15 mile run)) the bike then had problems trying to get up my back lane (the track between the road and our garage, which just so happens to be uphill) it would go up he first bit, then it would splutter and nearly come to a stop, at which point i had to put left foot down, hold rear brake, pull in the clutch and give the bike revs untill it de-clogged it's self in the higer rpm's again, then i'd accelerate off, and then get stuck and have to repeat this about 20 meters further on. :(

Thankyou for the replys, and i'll try a few of those Rod, but it sounds like i'll be on the phone to the dealers come daylight. :(

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yes it does have a manual choke, however it needs none to start up. :/ ill have a go at some of the suggestions above, but i cant do much as my garage dosnt have a heater, its -4 outside and we have a foot of snow :) if nothing sorts it out, the dealers will defiatly have a shouting at, as they hadnt alligned the back wheel, left the chain to have 2+ inches of slack, not put much 2 stroke oil in, hardly any fuel, not put the grip covers on correctly & not tightened the handlears. :/

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Thanks Dan. :)

Update - I rang up the dealers this afternoon, and talked to the man in charge, aparently the bike was running perfectly when they took it for a test drive. So they sound as though they are blaming myself or some magical pixie for suddenly killing the power :( Had the plug out to see how badly it was choked up. Was completly smothered in oil... but then agai nthats probably normal for a bike of this age. Had the bike out again earlier, but had the exact same problem as yesterday, when i came to requiring power to drive up my lane I had to stop 4 times, and on the 2nd stop I had to sit there for over a minuet before it would clear enough to move. Eventually got bored of waiting for it so jumped off and pushed it back. :crybaby:

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Fan-fudging-tastic!! Decided to use the bike to get to my college today so the snow was falling thick and fast again, started 1st tiem, set off, had to stop 2'ce on the way there to de clog it again, then when i had to come home, i put all my gear on, jumped on, wouldn't start. stood there about 8 minuets before it actually fired, got on, set off, the major road on my way home is a 2 to 3 mile long dual carriageway, the bike wouldn't pull more than 20mph at first. then a little way along this waas reducing slowly and by about 1/4 the way along the busy road then bike was pulling at 4mph! By this point I had lost patience , switched the damn thing off, then hauled it up the kerb onto the narrow slice of grass verge at the side. From there I rang parents, father was in town so couldn't get to me any time soon, and no reply from mother. So much for mobile phones making people accessible in emergencys!So I sat there for a good 15 minuets, then decided that no help was going to arrive, and if I had phoned the RAC breakdown service, they would still have taken a good hour plus to get me and this poor excuse of a 'bike' home. So ended up pushing it the remaining 3 miles. :x

I've rather had enough of this now, I had phoned the bike company TDS bikes! (if anyone wishes to know) this morning before setting out to college, and had arranged a pick up for them to 'look over the bike.' They'll be doing more than that, otherwise i'll ruddy be phoning trading standards complaining that it isn't road worthy. Wish I had stuck with just my beloved, dead reliable Gilera. :roll: -- Sorry for loud mouth talk, but I am (as the brighter sparks among you will have noticed) Fuming!!!

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