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Completed CBT :-) MOD1 Passed :D UPDATE: MOD2 Passed :D

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Just finished doing my cbt!

Was a bit worry since one guy has been riding moped for years and the other 2 were on point and squirts any way.

How ever gears wernt as bad as j thought although I take quite a long time to find biting point and pull off compared to a car.

Hopefully I learn alot on Monday and Tuesday for the tests. Eek!

I got some gloves that fit now so hopefully that should help with clutch control?

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Good luck with the mod 2!

New golves that fit should be better than old ones that dont.


thanks mate.

new gloves helped me alot with clutch control and using the indicator since i can actually feel what im touching now! hha.


Well done I'm sure you'll do great :)


cheers man!

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