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  1. ehm no , I am however going to possibly send an email to all the folks in my works English depots a wee message asking if they all had a good weekend etc. Just to catch up since I've been off the last week or so
  2. That looks like a decent run that. Nice scenery
  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!! I may have covid but this has made it a good week
  4. Good morning. I'm all clogged up this morning. Not sure if it's the covid or because I slept with the window open
  5. Yep. Muted the commentary. They are acting as if England has won the competition.
  6. Happy birthday
  7. Good evening. I hope England lose tonight
  8. Yep. Got my 1st dose on the 16th June. Wife got her 1st jab on Friday last week , ended up having symptoms on the Sunday. Positive test Tuesday. I have no symptoms. Had a negative test on Tuesday. But a positive test today . Crazy.
  9. Good Evening. Got some news today. I'm riddled with Corona so might be on here a good bit over the next 10 days
  10. Great views. I'm not long back from loch Lomond. So peaceful just sitting with a beer in hand with nice views pondering lol
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