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Electric fault finding


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My 99 Bandit over the last couple of days started to play up with regards to the indicators it would work 1 second then not.

I am sure all the bulbs are working however both left and right are the same.

I have wiggled the wires makes no difference , not checked the switch gear could that be a possibility ?

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Possibly, you need to check and clean all the connections! LED indicators flash too FAST with a standard flasher unit. I replaced the Honda one for a LED one off eBay for £13. Flashes ok with LEDs and Tungsten indicators. Spray some WD40 in your switchgear and exercise it? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Don't put wd40 in switch gear. Use switch cleaner. Check the bulb holders for rust and poor connections. If the indicators are a replacement follow the wiring and look for the joint where it was patched in. Some botchers just twist the wires and wrap with tape and the weather gets in. 8-)

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