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tank pad removal


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Ok so i removed my tank pad but i looks like the outline is still there but when i get the outline off it scratches the pain off. It seems to me like someone has either repainted the tank with the old tank pad on it or is there an easier way of getting this stuff off? I have tried petrol, wd40 and a hair dryer.



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Thanks for the advice and I know I love and other people love seeing pics so here you go, even a novice like me can make there bike look slightly better. Took about 1-2 hours of rubbing and half a tube of the stuff! Also gonna get a pen or spray to cover chips, any ideas/help with that would be brill!

Before: (sorry about my face)



What I used:







P.S Any tips on chips being covered/painted would help. Also theres some areas where someone has already used a pen or paint but slightly bumpy, the t-cut type stuff didn't smooth it out, wet sand paper job?

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