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And some people think they have it bad...


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Had a lovely ride out today, went over to see a mate who I havn't seen for a year or so.

He has just got over cancer in his jaw bone and had had most of his lower teeth and jaw bone removed then had to regrow it! :shock:

He got over that only to be told 6 weeks later that he has MS.

His employer has not been understanding and his carrer (which was a good one) is in tatters.

And to top it off he found out last week his wife of 18 months has been having an affair!

But amazingly he is so cool about everything, life is for living...we had a real laugh today.

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Yeah, he one of life's fighters. He said as soon as he found about his wife and she left, he said he had 2 options one was to get angry and misreable or the other option....

To join a dating web site! :mrgreen:

Which is what he did!

He's a genuine good bloke and I really hope things work out for him.

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Bloody hell, puts other problems into perspective - he sounds like he has a fantastic positive attitude which will help him greatly through all of this, best of luck to him.

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Utmost respect to your mate Noggin.

To have an outlook on life like he has and to remain as positive as he has after going through that he has gone through is amazing.

Good mates are what makes the world go around. :cheers:

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