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  1. Basically this. Great bikes and hold their value really well, bit like the Varederos.
  2. Gin


    This thread started so wonderfully, bullishly british "F*** if I'm going to let some sniffles take me out! Not me, I'm made of nails Guv'. " Good to see somethings never change, aye six30! Jokes aside, hope everyones stayed well in the lockdown environment and still been able to get your giggles when you've needed them. x
  3. Hope you have a really awesome day, our Forum Dad!
  4. Most Triumphs are made in Thailand. Source: Worked at Triumph factory UK. I have to admit, I do love the guys who do the "Buying British engineering, better than that asian crap" who then learn that their bike was actually imported in and get a bit upset.
  5. The hairs more accurate for how I wake up in the morning, apart from that, spot on
  6. He has to go back in the wardrobe, if this carries on.
  7. Ffs [mention]Six30[/mention] , you know you can't send new members those private pictures anymore!
  8. What a shame their numbers have been slashed in the last decade, funding crippled and recruitment stalled. But at least current PM gets to boast he's going to add more police to the force, with no mention it was his government that cut them in the first place....
  9. HEY! There's a face I've missed! I don’t hear that much Hope you are well? Life's good, I really hope things are well with you too
  10. HEY! There's a face I've missed!
  11. Jeez Throttled! Close call Glad you've got it all sorted out in the end.
  12. That’s what I thought but if it’s designed from the ground up for bikes, and it lasts, surely it’s got to be worth it in the long run? Cheers for the advice guys, I’m going bite the bullet and get one. I’ll let you know how I get. Won’t be on the bike for a few weeks anyway but I like to be prepared!! Like I say, have a look about and you're likely to find them cheaper Hope you find one that suits you!
  13. Really glad for people who can find ones like this that suit them, it's great I have to say that I tend to get a really sore left shoulder after a few hours on the bike with a normal rucksack, no matter how I have the straps set up. The Kreiga is the first one I've found where that sets in Way later (around the 5-6 hour mark). Also I like knowing I can trust the waterproofing, especially when I have laptop etc with me! Guess it's whatever suits you and your riding style
  14. Were you feeling slightly worse for wear after our camping trip then gin? I thought it was just the hayfever you were suffering with Hah! Yeah that one was just Hayfever That really f**king sucked too, was out of action the whole day... Worse than being hungover! Was more thinking of previous rallies where people have left on the Sunday morning after a HEAVY karaoke session on the Saturday night (sometimes after sleeping under a picnic bench when they forgot to bring a tent... ) I have definitely worried about people until I've seen them post on the check in thread.
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