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My er5 that got me back onto a bike

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Heres a few pictures of my sorry looking er5, it needed some major work to get it on the road and looking tidy again but it i was given me as a project and it got me back into the biking world :)

It had not been run by the last owner since 2009 and was a non runner

Its my son sitting on the bike, this was when i first brought it home









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This is how it looks now, and is now my motor for commuting for work and it has been a very reliable motor so far too :)




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Cheers guys :)


Another top job there mate. Was all that rust just surface? Not structural then ?


Yes it was, i cleaned it off at first just to see how bad it was and if the frame was scrap and this is how it cleaned up :)



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Any one with an er5 will know that fuel getting into the oil down the crankcase breather if carb problems arise is a common problem but i've solved mine :)

First off, the breather comes out right under the air box, not much room to get a longer pipe on so i decide to undo the bolt in the middle and rotate the housing so i could put a longer pipe in between the carbs.

There is a locating peg on the out side of the housing so you need to remove it to rotate it





I then put a longer pipe on inbetween the carbs to the top of the airbox where there is a convenient rubber bung.


I then cut this bung to take my new pipe


Then i put the airbox back on and after fitting the pipe this is the result



No more fuel in the oil problems :)

I've also done away with the troublesome vacuum tap that has pri/reserve/on, and put a manual one on with off/on/reserve :cheers:


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Did you paint or powder coat the frame? My mate has just bought a blue 02 plate to do up. Great wee bike :cheers:


Sorry mate, bit late to reply now as ive only just seen this post :oops:

This is how it looks today, i still have the er, great little bike. i use it for the commute or if i fancy a nice relaxing ride as its so easy to ride but if you ring its neck you can get a shift on :bike2:



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