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Sprint st agony


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Guys please help me!

Ok I feel a little better now, I shall explain

I have a sprint st 1050 2009, about 6 months ago I installed trident exhausts which sounds fantastic, so I pulled out tune ecu, put the correct tor map into my bike, reset the adaptions correctly as described in the manual, and went off for a ride.

However if you roll off the throttle and try to roll it back on between 6000 and 4000 rpm the bike won't power back up, it just hesitates then snatches back in as you open the throttle more. So that's the outline of my issue,

Since then I have tried all sorts, I have reset the adaptions again by using tune ecu and the 12 min tune with out tune ecu,

I have tried disabling the O2 sensor,

I had moderate success using the b69 map from the tune ecu page however that is a custom map and my bike won't idle properly using that.

I have tried the redundant maps that the current one replaced, no further success.

I'm at the point now were I want to rip the tridents out and put my standards back in, god knows what it's done to my bike!

Only think I was thinking today was maybe its a fault O2 sensor?

Guys please help

Thank you

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If no one on here can help you try asking the guys on 675.cc

A lot of the guys on there use tune ECU on their Daytona's so might be able to help

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Can you not pull error codes with tune Ecu? Also have you tried stock map?

If no success with those I would be tempted to go back to stock cans and see if the problem is still there

If not then get it on a dyno to see what's going on with fuel to air ratio you may need a custom map

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Hi mate....I had Tridents on my 2005 Sprint ST......I also had problems with the maps..... :roll:

The TOR map didn't seem to work too well as I recall.....and I ended up plumping for one of the custom maps......I'll have a look later and see if I can remember which map it was.

I don't think it's a faulty O2 sensor....but the map you downloaded, was it with or without O2 and SAI.....obviously if they are still on the bike you need a bit with them.

B69 looks like it's for no-cat, SAI removed, no O2, etc....so probs not the best for your bike!!

I used the Sprint_ST_05_06_aftermarket_pipe.hex map and that worked OK on my 05 bike.

Obviously the correct map will depend on the VIN number range that your bike is in.....so just try the TOR map for the correct VIN again and try resetting the adaption again.

Also look on the RAT forum under TuneECU....as there's a load of stuff there relating to mapping the bikes.

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Hi tango, yeah I've looked at the 05 06 aftermarket map last night, what I've done is copied the tables across to my 09 vin map so the values will be the same in a 09 format map. I'm not at home till the end off the week, will try it when I get home

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Mine did it worse on partial throttle openings......wound wide open it was fine.....but trundling along in traffic it felt like it was going to cut out......so I'm guessing it's to do with the fuelling at certain throttle positions....and exhaust back pressure could have something to do with it...... :wink:

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Yeah....the custom map was pretty sweet......no nasty blips or flat spots.....and fuel economy was about the same as standard map with standard exhaust...... 8-)

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Just tried the map, it didn't port so well over to an 09 vin map lol so no go there.

What about Tps sensor being slightly off?

You can use the Diagnostics part of TuneECU to check the TPS setting......but I don't think that's gonna be your problem..... :wink:

Shame about the 05_06 map not porting across.....it's a good'un..... :)

Maybe the IACV is off a bit on your bike......but I think it's a bit of a faff to check and adjust..... :roll:

Here is a link to the RAT showing how to check and adjust the TPS and IACV..... 8-)

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