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a little piece of black plastic be?

I've just took off the lower fairing of my ER6f to attempt to fit some crash bungs. In the end, I wasn't able to fit them as, regardless of the instructions, you needed to take off the whole fairing and I didn't fancy it. Also, I did not have a big enough allen key to fit the bolts and I did not fancy messing around with bolts which hold the engine to the frame, especially when I couldn't see any other way the engine was attached to the frame.

On the plus side, I was able to apply ACF 50 to a load of bits I can't usually get to and then watch it smoke off when I ran the engine for a while. Always fun.

But...back to the bit of plastic. Just as I was congratulating myself for getting the fairing back on the bike, I noticed a small rectangular piece of plastic under the bike. It must've come from somewhere on the bike. It was around 1.5 cm long, the same wide and about 1 cm tall.

Anyone have any idea what it is, what it does and where it should go?


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i've been into Cradley Kawasaki actually.

They tracked down the part number and gave me another piece of rubber. (For Free!!) It turns out it is a vibration damper for the lower fairing.

I searched the part number on the internet and found some diagrams. After 10-15 minutes head scratching I finally managed to work out which way around the diagram went. I unscrewed the fairing panel, looked underneath, and there was a little square patch where something used to be stuck !! Probably best not to mention the copious amounts of AFC 50 which surrounded it and probably degraded the glue or something.

But...I fixed it !! I actually tried to do something on my bike and managed to do it !!!

(Let's ignore the fact I caused it to fall off in the first place :roll: )


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