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  1. is it in the ignition?!!
  2. Rant time!! Last tuesday my daughter came home from school as she was told she had to isolate as her two best friends (in same class) had tested positive. Wednesday she had a pcr test, Thursday morning result came back positive so we rang and notified the school, they thanked us for letting them know and directed us to go on their website and fill the covid form in. We went on and did that, standard questions like has the child had a test, what day does isolation end, when will the child be able to return to school etc. Got a phone call this afternoon from the School informing us that our Child has not attended school since last tuesday and were we aware of this and could we explain why?!!!! p.s. Neither me nor my Wife have tested positive still and my daughters tests now only show a very faint second line
  3. The garage I used to work at always kept 500 litres or so as spare for staff and emergency services. I think that was more to do with the manager of the site rather than a company rule though.
  4. Ebay would probably be your best bet. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=suzuki+dr+125+sm+ignition+barrel&_sacat=0
  5. My Wife headed out last night at approx 10pm to look for fuel. The four nearest stations were all shut (usually 24hr) but she got lucky at the 5th one though they only had super unleaded left!!
  6. It will be that. Trying to avoid going through his insurance so the premiums don't rise. They wouldn't be allowed to operate without insurance
  7. @Spongefinger I literally check the insurance cost first on bikes/cars before I get attached to the idea of having it and finding out it's treble my current one!!
  8. They will have insurance to cover those sorts of things. You will certainly not be the first one to damage one of their bikes!!
  9. It's the A1 test which you can do on your 125cc. That will let you carry pillions, ride on motorways and remover your L plates
  10. A full test needs to be on a larger bike. I believe the minimum now is 395cc though I might be corrected on that
  11. Yes you can but will be limited to automatics only and wont be allowed to ride a geared bike. Bit like what happens with a car test
  12. Traffic backed up, Queues and out of service pumps abound in West Yorkshire at the moment I'm currently isolating so hopefully will be back to normal by time I can go out again. My car is about as frugal as you can get (Toyota Aygo 1.0 litre) and has a full tank plus I've a full Jerry can in garage for lawnmower so I should be ok for a long while anyway. If it comes to it I suppose i'll just have to walk the 1 mile commute I have to work
  13. £800 sounds steep! A 3 to 5 day das is around £480 in West Yorkshire. Training, lessons on how to pass the test, use of bike schools motorbike and insurance etc.
  14. Good post! nice idea to give new riders a rough idea I however will not be participating on the off chance my Wife reads it!!
  15. Its now been 3 days since my Daughter tested positive and neither myself or my Wife have it yet. She has been spending all her time in her bedroom which might have something to do with it
  16. That used to drive me mad when I worked at a station. Massive queue's everywhere and half the pumps were empty I was working at one during the 2012 tanker protests. We had signs up saying we had run out of fuel when in truth we had 500 litres left for emergency vehicles and staff
  17. Sounds impressive until you realise he's 4ft 11"
  18. Perfect timing for me as I'm having to isolate for 10 days!! Hopefully things will of calmed down by time I need to fuel up
  19. When I worked nights at a petrol station you would always get kids on their mopeds or similar revving the arse off at the pumps. My lawnmower had more grunt to it One glorious night a guy pulled up on a Harley, one of the big ones, Roadking, street glide or similar. He looked over at them and gave his bike one long LOUD roar I swear you could see their faces turning red under the helmets!!!
  20. Sly Stallone is making a new movie based on Famous composers, speaking at the press conference, he and the other actors say who they'll be playing as. Stallone: I'm going to be Mozart Statham: I'll be Beethoven Van Damme: I'm acting as Chopin Schwarzenegger: I'll be Bach Sorry
  21. Tiggie


    I remember that secret Santa I got a nice coffee mug and I believe I sent someone a bar of soap
  22. My test has come back negative and hers is positive I've had one jab so far so will see how next couple of days go
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