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  1. A Chinese grey import 50cc moped. Think the brand was called zippy This was around 1999/2000 before the Chinese imports had properly started. Cost me £499 brand new. After two weeks the exhaust fell off, it was woefully underpowered to the point of having to get off and push to go up steep hills And as it was a grey import I couldn't find any insurance company who would insure it. I was still using it to get to work and back while trying to get it sorted when I got pulled over by a police bike trap. 6 points and a £400 fine. Not what you want at 19 (yes I know it was my own fault!) Edit: found a pic to give you all a laugh
  2. Tiggie


    @Bender definitely different times I remember my friend and myself absolutely begging his dad to let us both ride in the boot of his car on journeys. We thought it was hilarious. My wife remembers been taking on day trips in her Grandads VW Camper, sat in the back sliding up and down the van on the wooden benches with no seatbelts
  3. Tiggie


    I remember a bike instructor telling me once how one of his students fainted while stuck in town traffic during a heatwave I still would wear more than shorts and flip flops though whatever the weather!
  4. After yet another long work week I'll mostly be doing this
  5. Welcome to the forum Nice short and simple: Yes you can ride that scooter on a CBT Remember a CBT only lasts for two years though so you will either have to plan on taking a full license or live with having to take a CBT every couple of years
  6. Tiggie


    As my CBT instructor made me do 20+ years ago......... Drag the back of your hand across the road then imagine doing it at 30mph
  7. Just thought I'd share this as I've found it scary and hilarious. My (long suffering) Wife is a Midwife. She doesnt work in the ward as such nowadays, she is more training focused and does the parent education classes, runs the Maternity wards social media etc. This weekend she has been recording an information video on the dangers of smoking whilst pregnant. Using a special piece of equipment purchased for the occasion. I present to you: "Smokey Sue Smokes For Two"
  8. Its been a very bloody warm day stood behind 4 pans running at 186º!!
  9. Bad luck I've done that a few times but was always lucky and didn't cause any damage
  10. Tiggie

    Spam call.

    I remember getting a cold call at work. Demanding I give him the owners home phone number, saying I would be in a lot of trouble if I didn't. I laughed and said I guarantee I'll be in more trouble if I do give it out We get them all the time at the shop, in fact usually if the boss answers and it is one he pretends to be the cleaner, says he'll go find someone who's in charge then hands the phone to me and proceeds to run off laughing
  11. Tiggie

    Spam call.

    perusing my spam email folder the other day I found one from NHS.D1RECT.COM that was letting me know I could now log on and purchase my covid passport which would allow me passage at any European border without the need for quarantine
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