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  1. A few years ago I was called out to my eldest daughters house to fix her tumble dryer ( it was just the thermal cut out so nice and simple) While taking it apart I said to her it looks pretty new, how long have you had it. She said " you bought it for me last September " "Did ?!!!!! " That was an interesting conversation with the Wife when I got back home
  2. Tiggie

    Mod review

    Just make sure it's all in the correct change or he'll be a right miserable arse about it
  3. Tiggie

    Vets bills

    Just to lighten the tone..... When I worked at a Jewellers the saturday girl told me how when she was 15 she found her guinea pig dead in his hut. She was distraught and put him in her bag and got on the bus to take him to the vets hoping they could resuscitate him. The Vet: "Sorry, he is dead, there is nothing we can do now" two days later her mum got an £85 bill from the vets for their diagnoses
  4. @S-Westerly Sounds a similar situation to an old American Wrestlers Biography I read once. he said something like " People think it's amazing how I have travelled the world and must have seen and experienced so much culture. If by culture you mean getting off at the airport, going straight to the arena, wrestling for 20 minutes before finding a cheap hotel then going straight back to the airport the next day then i guess I have"
  5. Slightly off topic but it reminds me of what I have to hear EVERY single day at work (Fish frying) Depending on the time of year........ "I bet you're hot behind there" "At least it's warm for you back there" Every sodding workday for the last 9 years
  6. I love using the over the limit excuse, My wife doesn't drink so its even easier for me to use it Her: our daughter needs picking up from her friends, it's definitely your turn this time. Me: (frantically opening bottle of whisky) I'm about to of had too much to drive
  7. I remember at my old house having an old woman as a neighbour who was the type who would just stand at her bedroom window all day staring at everyone. One Saturday morning I was fixing my bike (Probably a cracked header pipe, gungum to the rescue ) when she started shouting at me "Do you realise its 9 o'clock in the morning?" I looked at my watch and shouted back " yep, you're right!!" and carried on.
  8. @Fozzie I don't know where he worked from, I'd guess not in Sudbury Hill area as he used to live in Woolwich and would cycle in. I don't think any of the emergency services had it easy during that time. From what I gather it was a pretty traumatic experience
  9. My brother was a paramedic in London during the 2011 riots. One of his highlights during those nights was working on a man who had been stabbed while his friends were busy smashing up the cab and motor of the ambulance my brother arrived in
  10. Not working for once!! Going up to Scotland for our Wedding Anniversary. Wife's booked a cabin on a Loch
  11. @Bender I've always been a big fan of his, I actually pushed for my wife to study at Huddersfield university as he was the chancellor at the time and I thought I might have half a chance of meeting him at her graduation He was in America filming during her ceremony
  12. For my money they invited the wrong Captain
  13. I saw one like that about removing rust from a sword. An old sword that had been found buried underground, completely rusted over. He used wd40 and some steel wool for a few minutes and the whole thing came up gleaming with no signs pitting or scars
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