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Moulded ear plugs

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Anyone got them, what do you think of them.

How much and where did you get them from.

I'm thinking about getting some as mine always seem to fall out, no matter how much squeezing the plugs, pulling my ears in all different directions and ramming them in as hard as I can.

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well your not putting them in right mine never come out!

anyway I got some mould your own earplugs they was only £15 and are supposed to be as good as custom ones!

they are really comfy although anything above about 50 and I don't like them they don't make a huge difference I prefer foam ones

but for £15 you may aswell try them

http://compare.ebay.co.uk/like/33075106 ... =66&ff19=0

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squeez them together as you normally do and watch how long it takes them to expand. If it takes less than 3 seconds, your buying cheap ones lol. i had that issue then changed to laser lite plugs and they work brilliantly!

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There's a technician from Anglesey does the bike shows who does custom moulded ear plugs for the £50 mark, almost got some made at the Thundersprint but decided against it :?

Tried lots of the usual disposable bungs and all seem ok but not brilliant then tried some of these from CPC, these cut out loads more road noise than anything I've tried before. Not sure if I'll ever get round to trying/buying custom ones now as these are so good and 'cheap'.

http://cpc.farnell.com/e-a-r/ex01021/ea ... dp/HE32086

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