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Theory Test PASSED!

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Stage 1 of getting our full licenses passed! BOOM!


RantMachine of course did a bit better than me so he will be rubbing that in forever...I will always beat him on arcade games and air hockey though, so I win in the long term! :| :up: *ahem*!

NEXT a couplea practical lessons and the big bikey tests. Wallie wants to recover from his elbow injury from his off first though (otherwise we'd have been starting next weekend if they had space for us!). Still oozing puss and has been told he has to take the antibiotics that make him puke constantly...hopefully his new gear will arrive soon and this bike jacket sleeve won't ride up if it happens again!

But yeah, EXCIIIIIITIIIIIIING!!!!! *inching ever closer to my ER6F*

Oh, Wallie had 2 questions on fuel spillages (the likely reason he had his off on Friday) and I had 2 on braking in the wet (debated much?) - haha! :lol:

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I don't know Euro Rider but I went through with Cam Rider this time last year.

Congratulations both on the theory test also.

Full licence is getting closer and take it from me, tearing up your L plates right outside the Hardwick test centre and riding back to work without them last year (24 Oct) was a fantastic experience.

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