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MOT failing issues?


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Hi Guys,

I purchased a Motorhispania RX50 for my son a few months ago. No MOT/Tax etc and as a none runner. After stripping it down and replacing a few bits it is now up and running. I want to book it in for an MOT next week but am a bit unsure about what they could fail it on. The headlight/tail light only seem to work when the engine is running and flicker and fade on low revs?

I fitted a brand new horn which was loud, but now seems very low. I am thinking that i may have drained the life out of the battery starting and stopping it but not taking it out for a run?

Anyway, is this normal for the lights, or will this be a fail?

Also, the front light case/pod is taped together, it is screwed securely in place and covered with the front fairing etc, but will they pick up on this and fail it?

One more thing, the front and side fairings have cracks etc to them, but are not weak and are bolted firm to the frame, is this a fail?

Anything else i should be looking for?

Do they do a pre MOT for bikes?

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So long as the lights work and the horn works it should be ok. A lot of smaller bikes suffer with the lights dimming as the revs drop.

Other things that will be checked are:

Indicators - working and flash rate......too fast or not flashing at all will fail

Tyres - Tread depth greater than 1mm.....and no cuts or signs of cracking

Chain & Sprockets - Correct tension and no signs of badly worn sprockets

Steering head bearings - No play in them and no notches in the movement

Wheels Bearings - No lateral play in them.

Swing arm bearings - No lateral play in them

Brakes - Must pass the rolling road brake test.

Fork seals & rear shock(s) - must not be leaking

Exhaust - not blowing......and not too loud

Fairings & mudguards - must be secure......not flapping about.

I think that's about it...... :wink:

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Perhaps i'm just lucky but my garage doesn't charge for a retest if it comes back within 10 days. I do all the work I think needs doing then if I have missed anything I have time to get it sorted without paying out retest fees :thumb:

Local garages will probably be more likely to do this than chain dealerships

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