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took my first step

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Well, I took my first step on the road to getting my full bike licence and sat my theory test!

proud to say I`ve passed first time! I didn`t think much of the hazard perception though! I found it easy but didn't score as high as I thought!

definatly not a good system they use for scoring.

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Nice one! When's the rest of the test then :)?

The Hazard perception is pretty stupid, I was spotting hazards too quickly on my practice tests. It's not designed at people who already drive so you can miss out on points if you click a little too early. Luckily I noticed that on the practice and just waited a second before I clicked any hazard.

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Well done!

Yea I found the hazard perception to be rubbish too. I think the issue is it assumes you are a complete novice on the road, so do not yet understand/notice the small things that most people can recognize as a tell tail sign of something going wrong.

It assumes you will only notice the hazard when it has been a hazard for a few seconds.

Got your practical tests booked yet?

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Congrats! I failed my theory the first time on the stupid hazard thing (it wasn't a thing when I did my car test!)! and it must have been as I was clicking too early so the next round I clicked when I saw it, then again a second later, then again when it was right in my face :lol: seemed to work

As above... when you got your practicals booked for :mrgreen:

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thanks folks!

looking to get my das booked for next month!

let the fun begin!

ive already got a helmet,jacket and trousers from friends and family to start me off so just need boots and gloves and im good to go :)

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Nice one kammy but I would recommend buying a new helmet as no offence to your family or friends but you don't know it it's been dropped or how old it is and also a new helmet should be fitted correctly for you

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my best friend assures me its in good condition and has never been dropped and wouldn't let me use it otherwise, its only for a while till I get my new helmet.

cbt booked for march the 5th :D

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