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  1. It's a fair bit tamer as you would expect, but it's still good fun! It's easier to give it some on the Fazer without getting up to silly speeds just to do so .
  2. 4. The last owner had it 18 years and most of it has been stripped and repainted and meticulously cleaned on a regular basis. I have a mutual friend of the previous owner so know it's history well.
  3. From my bike being stolen to receiving the payout once written off was about 5 weeks. Stolen 31st December, paid start of feb.
  4. Some of you know, my CBR was stolen recently and my hand was forced to come away from sportsbikes due to the insurance premiums. My budget was also pretty low for the new bike so I was expecting to be riding a bit of a shed round for a year or two. However I found this gem, in budget and it's immaculate. Now it isn't a CBR but it's certianly a great bike https://i.imgur.com/l4UKv3I.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>
  5. Wish I was more active in 2019, I could have been a serious contender for this.
  6. Bit of a delayed reply, but the kids loved it really good weekend there and will be heading back next year. Even though we missed any racing on the Sunday due to heading home and lots of fog.
  7. Reputable I assume you haven't researched too much about them then?
  8. I think multiple unbiased reviews would be better too, I can do a second for you free of charge. Just provide me with the goods
  9. Technically, your contract is always with the seller (whatever a seller might tell you) so its always them that you should complain to. I'll give them vote #20. They are the Wiggle of the Moto world. The only thing is the Wiggle always over deliver by including a bag of Harribo (nice gesture). SBS should follow this ...... or possibly biscuits. overclockers do this, always makes me want to go back
  10. Not exactly glitches with SBS, his issue should be with the manufacturer of said items. You wouldn't blame amazon if a gopro from there was naff out the box.
  11. Just got my helmet from them, I forgot to price match and it was available £70 cheaper elsewhere. They price-matched me a day after I received it . Easily the best online retailer.
  12. an RS6 will do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, they aren't a slouch. This guy has a CB500, I'm betting the RS6 is easily quicker.
  13. Are you sure it's not you? His conversation sounds remarkably like one of your posts
  14. I only use the audio from my satnav on the bike via bluetooth, and Waze would just stop giving me directions. Had to swap to google in the end, which is a shame as Waze is generally a better app, though Google does own Waze now so I imagine it'll be getting all the good features Waze has.
  15. I've a friend with a 701 supermoto, it ended up back under warranty for some major engine works. It's a husq, I wouldn't buy one expecting it to be reliable.
  16. Agreed, I've seen that ad. I don't want 10 and I don't want to spend £10 for one nut. The 1mm a/f is irrelevant, it's the thread pitch I want. Okidoke, here you go then. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/322772057905?chn=ps&var=511875715876 the JIS part isn't really nessecary then, you just need a M8 coarse nut. pack of 10 for £1.50 delivered there
  17. Theres loads of m8 x 1.25 nuts about, however most seem to be 13mm a/f. Does that extra 1mm make any difference? Edit: here you go https://www.cplracing.co.uk/products/jis-m8-x-125-hex-nut-cl8-zinc-plated-12mm-across-flats-pack-of-10 Still interested in how the 1mm affects its use like
  18. I'm assuming this is his 125. On my 125 I could hear the fronts and it drove my insane, just the constant slight rub sound which is normal.
  19. My instructor booked out the actual Mod 1 test area and we practiced on there for a day.
  20. No problem, if you need any more give us a ping
  21. Westbeef

    Help required

    So it idles fine, but dies when you rev it up/ride it? Is it bogging out or is it just cutting out? Sounds fueling related. You changed the air inlet, but did you do the air filter at all?
  22. I can get you some pictures from the haynes later on, just remind me if I forget.
  23. Not read the thread, but in comparison to the previous seasons this has been pretty poor. Yeah the CGI is impressive etc. However, it's quite obvious the writers were not up to finishing this off properly. Rushed and bizzare, maybe it's how GRRM intended it to end but I bet he would have gotten there in a much better way.
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