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Bike mod masterclass!


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Okay peeps, want to make this a sticky so you have to worry no longer on bike mods and what they are.

Just saw a post asking what is a hugger, so Im here to answer your quieries lol

A hugger is this:


Designed to keep the crud off yer shock, why dont they sell bikes with them as stock is beyond me.

An undertray is this:


That section under the seat, makes it tidier and this one has built in indicators.

A tail tidy is this:


Normally metal but also plastic to rid yourself of the great big lump of plastic that came as stock.

Next week we discuss db screens and pazzo / crg levers 8)

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Isn't there something you can get to stop a tankslapper, that attaches to the handle bars?

Don't know what they are called though... Suppose this is the right place to get an answer. :lol:


Steering Damper


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These are for adjusting the height of your footpegs either for extra ground clearence or just for comfort, notice in the picture it has holes so you can put the footpeg in various positions


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Heel Guards or Kick Plates



chains rusty!!!

maybe you should show a scottoiler :wink:


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chains rusty!!!

maybe you should show a scottoiler :wink:



Good thinking batman!

Belly Pan


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upside down forks (USD)


right way up forks (RWU)


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standard screen:


double bubble screen:


helps deflect windblast, Puig is a good make, Ermax, Pyramid etc

Seat Cowl


For the times when ya dont want a pillion lol

Corbin seat / Bagster seat / Comfort seat:


A sculpted version of the original, better long distance seat but not as sporty, not many sportsbikes suit these as well, theyre not designed for comfort and look daft lol

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Something you might not know, all bikes have helmet locks, some are quite obvious but some are not, heres one for an R1




Don't be mistaken in thinking your helmet is safe though, it only takes a simple stanley knife to cut the strap and then the thief has all the equipment he needs to ride your bike away! :(

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CRG and Pazzo levers are the two main names in roll a click span adjustable levers. Originally designed for race teams to conquer brake fade, as in the lever could be moved outward through the race to maintain braking effect. Now put on road bikes mainly for looks, they do however offer more span than an average lever does; they come in short or long lengths.

Normally its just a case of removing your old levers and its a direct replacement, although a word of caution. My bike lol the z750s had three versions of a clutch lever and kawasaki and pazzo agreed they couldnt and wouldnt supply a version as most buy it to find they dont fit. A standard fix is that owners buy a zx6 / zx10 clutch perch, the brake is a standard kwak lever but its a pain in the bum lol.

As far as I'm aware my bike for some reason is the only one that this has problems so its a good idea going to a retailer such as Hein Gericke so you can compare fitment prior to buying.

Reckon on 130 quid for both levers so not cheap but most agree they look the dogs and really add a wow factor to your bike 8) 8)


Below is the folding version, designed to fold in a fall so they reduce the chances of the lever snapping



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