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Loads of stuff on YouTube, The Missenden Flyer is good, 44 Teeth is pretty funny, teapotone, classic motorbikes (bandit and slabside resto’s), fortnine, on yer bike. Long way round and down are on there too.

It’s hard because some of the stuff I love others hate and vise versa but it should give you something to watch and generate some YouTube recommendations.

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There is a wealth of training and other useful videos on YouTube that you could easily waste a couple of months watching.

Here are a few I’ve come across over the years:

FortNine - very enlightening views on a whole range of motorbiking from Canada. Ryan has moved to Vancouver from Montreal and his production budget has been significantly increased - his videos are simply brilliant.

MotoJitsu (used to be called Fast Eddies Motorcycle Fun) - an excellent set of training skills videos in short easy to view bites.

MCRider - Kevin in Texas has produced some brilliant training videos that are not full of the normal BS and condescending twaddle that some others are. Kevin posts most Fridays and is always worth a look.

RoadCraftNottingham - Similar sorts of training videos to MCRider but UK based. Hasn't been posting much recently but his back catalogue of training videos is very good.

TheMissendenFlyer - some useful insights to different bikes from a non-professional guy. He has also done some very useful bike maintenance and upgrade videos on his four bikes. But his touring videos are rather long and boring - every view is fantastic.

BaronvonGrumble - a rather supercillious set of videos but quite entertaining nonetheless. Chris (the Baron) has set up a more professional channel with someone else, 44Teeth, to do better bike comparison and test videos.

44Teeth - Channel set up by BaronvonGrumble (Chris) and another guy to do more professional bike tests etc.

RoyalJordanian - A filtering God but full of expletives. His trips through London and his manoeuvres are a bit scary.

RevZilla - Very entertaining gear advice and maintenance videos from the US. But beware many of the items in the US are not available here or are called by a different name, e.g. the Rukka "Nivala" jacket and trousers are called "Realer" in the US.

MuddySump - Very useful maintenance videos for Tiger 800 (my bike)

MCN Motorcycle - some good bike test rides but not very critical as they don't want to upset their advertisers.

Motorcyclist Magazine - the MCN of the US and has a lot of very good maintenance and gear videos. This was where I learnt that the gear lever can be moved up and down by adjusting the joining bolts to cater for deeper boots - not covered in any other manual or maintenance video I've seen.

DoodleonaMotobike - entertaining series of videos about an American girl learning to ride in Georgia.

JoannaFBenz - another good one for the ladies and has some very useful tips on riding.

A Brit A Blonde A Bike – A New Zealand vlogger with some interesting test rides

Ridingwithtom – an Australian vlogger with some useful and interesting videos.

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