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Gloves and grips combo

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I am looking at what winter hand combination I should go for.

I have been looking for what seems like hours at winter gloves. Everything from gerbing heated to richa gore Tex ones and I can't make up my mind.

So I have been thinking of combining both heated grips and a cheaper set of gloves. For example the Oxford heated grips are £50 at the moment with a set of Richa carbon gloves or IXS arctic.

https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/101831 - I have noticed there are sports, touring commute versions. What is the difference?

https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_rev/33557 - these have had recommendations as decent gloves on some sites.

https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/299789 - edging towards these over the carbon due to the gore Tex lining.

Thoughts please.

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I ended up buying these


I don't get on with gloves with thick liners so went for these as good fit, lightweight and can feel the heated grips well. My hands don't tend to get too cold though so a summer weight waterproof gloves works for me,

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Went into my local bike shop and was recommended Halvassons, does anyone know anything about these?

They felt nice, not too thick, I have heated grips so might not need thick gloves.


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I have the Catalogue it says.


Hi-ART reinforced

Dryway membrane

OUTLAST temperature regulating membrane

Thinsulate liner

CE approved

Hard knuckle protector

adjustable cuffs and collar


They are the top of the range gloves from this Scandinavian brand.

As a brand they are chasing sales from Rukka. offering similar gear at a much lower price point mainly because they don't use Goretex. which adds considerably to the cost of bike gear, because of the rules any manufacturer must follow imposed by Gore.

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I love Halverssons gear. I also have their gloves as they are one of the few brands that fit me well.

I'd definitely recommend any of their kit to anyone. Outlast liners are magic :lol:

As for glove and grip combos. If you have heated grips you want a non heavily padded palm on your glove, otherwise you don't feel the heat from the grips as good.

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Thank you arwen

I think I am sold on these gloves, they did feel great in the shop.


That's a big part if they fit and feel nice. I ordered three different pairs off sportsbikeshop unseen and all had to go back. Ended up trying the lindstrands in a shop and they felt just right so bought them then and there.

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Don’t hanve heated grips anymore (and miss them this time of year)but I never go on with winter gloves due to lack of feel, I found that my old hotgrips and my normal summer gloves with silk inner gloves were the option

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