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Better headlight bulb


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As a biking newbie I’m trying to get as many miles under my belt as time and weather permit this time of year. I am though seriously enjoying it and despite needing a lot more experience I’m already dreaming about my next bike later on.

However, coming back home tonight I realised how Carp the headlight is. The headlight, main and dipped just doesn’t throw it far enough or bright enough. I think it’s adjusted correctly so I don’t think that’s the problem. Is there simply a better type of bulb I can put in there to improve things at all?. The bike is a YBR Custom 125 and I think the headlight bulb is a ‘regular’ 35w. Thanks for any tips and info.

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I believe you will be limited by the loom and headlight construction to the wattage of the original bulb. Some people have tried fitting a halogen bulb which gives marginally better light than the original spec bulb but not a huge improvement.

It might be worth looking at LED auxiliary lights which won't draw much current. I was chatting with a bloke up at the Ponderosa last week who had some cheap LEDs which made dark country lanes more bearable.

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I used to have a YBR 125 - not the custom - and had the same issue with poor lighting at night.

I fitted Harley Davidson style Day Maker LED lamp like the one here:-


It was superb: Brilliant light output, nice crisp beam pattern and drew less current halogen. You also wont need to replace the bulb again.

Was easy to fit. The only difficult part was getting it to fit in the housing. This required a bit of fiddling to move wires out of the way but it was all worth it.



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That looks like just the job-thank you for sharing that!.

If I can get it into the existing chrome housing for the headlamp even better, if not it still seems like I’ll have got the sort of headlight I need-cheers :cheers:

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